Pacific NW Views

There are so many things to see and do in our scenic region, so I wanted to share some of our favorite places with you.  

I've shared pics of lovely Lake Sacajawea in Longview WA before and if you want to see it in the fall check here. There is also a beautiful Japanese Garden on a small island that I wanted to share pictures of. The garden was completed in 2003 and makes a lovely addition to the lake itself. There are many beautiful trees surrounding the entrance to the garden. 

These pictures are from last summer and you can see all the lovely lily pads and some will turn into lotus blossoms later in the year. 

 At the garden's entrance there is a sleeping buddha with lovely trees in the background. 

A lovely japanese maple at the entrance.

Once you enter there is a bridge that spans the lake connecting to the island. 

Mostly the garden is a calm, meditative place where small statues and lovely trees grace the walkway. 

I love the streaks across the sky in this pic. 

There are a couple of small creeks in the garden. Portland, which is just across the river from us, has a beautiful Japanese garden that is quite large, but mostly I prefer the quietness and simplicity of this lovely island. 

There are times we have come here and had complete privacy. I love the water features and all the natural elements.

I love everything all mossy and green. There are a nice variety of trees as well. 

Seeing these pictures again reminds me how much I enjoy visiting this beautiful place.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Japanese garden. I'll be adding more pics from our vacation last year so stop by again. 

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