Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer simplicity

How is everyone's summer going? We have been baking here in the Pacific NW. We have had an unusually hot weather pattern that will finally be giving us a bit of relief in the next few days. Definitely tired of the 90's and all these dry days with no precip, so when I need a pick me up, decor wise that is, I like to create a little bit of prettiness at home. Since I like to keep my decor simple, I've added some blue plates to my dish rack and some lavender that I collected a couple of years ago. I never get tired of dried  lavender because it holds up so well year after year. 

The plates are actually reproductions of Johnson Bros. dishes that were made in China. It was a last minute type of purchase, so happy I found them, even though I would have preferred finding something vintage at the thrift store. I found them at Ross's for a really good price and added them to my lavender. 

The detail is so pretty in these dishes and I found a nice mug to add to my kitchen counter. I also added my little bird since it has some dark blue on it's throat, hard to tell from this pic though. 

The sun was shining so brightly that I muted the colors a bit for this photo.  It only takes a few dishes and a dishrack to create some farmhouse simplicity. 

I wanted to share a photo of my living room, but my camera only takes decent closeups, so this pic is rather grainy. Our living area is rather small, so I like to use minimal decor or it looks too cluttered in person. Also our fireplace doesn't appeal to hubby or I, so we are debating what to do about it. I really dislike the slate and artificial logs, so we will almost have to start from scratch if we decide to redo it. 

The table is decorated with a rather unusual mix of things that I already had on hand. I initially wanted an Asian  look to it with the tall blossoms and the blue bird, but I didn't have any other Asian decor, so I added some shells for a beachy look.

I also added some turquoise glass beads to the shells and placed them on the silver tray, which has a shell motif as well. The floral bouquet was a clearance item at Joann's.

After I added my turquoise glass float I ended up with a rather eclectic mix of Asian, beachy and floral decor.

My mantel is made up of some of the same eclectic things I already had and have shared before. I plan on adding some shutters for a backdrop as soon as I find some that will work. 

I'll be creating some larger book cover boxes, since they are so easy to make and I still enjoy displaying them.

My dark purple lavender is holding up well and it helps add a bit of a romantic look to the mantel.  

I made a simple little change to my spool rack as well.  I love green this time of year, so I added some green and striped  tea towels to help create a summer look along with my favorite garden cottage picture. Thanks for visiting!