Monday, May 25, 2015

Late Spring Repurposing

Time can really slip away from us can't it. A few weeks of not blogging can turn into months very easily. I haven't had much to share lately, but here are a couple of simple projects I've been working on recently. 

I lightened up my  dining area for late spring. Now I know many of you have changed over to spring decor months ago, but I didn't do my changes till late April, so here is my little corner of farmhouse simplicity. Spring and summer decor is really interchangeable anyway, so for those like me who make changes later in the season it works out well. 

I painted my little black wall rack white and added my  aprons. I also added a spring plaque that I have shared before. I don't need more decor items. I need a new hutch and some other furniture, but this is a narrow space next to the window so I'm rethinking what to put here. 

I last posted in February and shared my valentine themed wall rack and tea towels. I keep things very basic around here. I have mentioned before I'm not a big DIY type person, so these small changes are enough for me. 

Painting a wall rack white can give a totally different look, so I'm enjoying this simple little change back to farmhouse style. 

I make my pics very soft and subdued, mostly because I'm still using my old camera that makes it difficult to get good interior photos. I can photo edit the day away but the pics still don't achieve the look that I want, so I need a better camera to get those clear crisp shots that so many bloggers have. I might as well face reality here when it comes to my photos.  

I added a little garland of paper flowers that I made. I have so many craft items from my earlier days of paper craft making. 

I have a large selection of card stock so I punched out some flowers and added some floral centers for my garland. 

Since I'm repurposing, I also replaced the snowflakes on my winter wreath with the flowers to make a spring/summer wreath.  

Our front door isn't really this orange looking, but I wanted the wreath to stand out a bit more. Even though it has a rather wild, spiral shape it adds that touch of late spring that I wanted without investing in a new wreath. 

I've made a few changes to my mantel, not quite through yet, but here is my little roseville candle holder and a project that I made when I first started blogging. These decorated book boxes were so easy to make with decorative papers and embellishments.  

I've often wondered about bloggers that make a lot of craft projects. They must have a lot of storage space to keep them or maybe they continually repurpose things to make new projects. I love looking at all the things they create though. Since my storage space is very limited I tend not to make many things unless I have someplace to display them. Anyway, I'm glad I kept these book boxes because I knew I would use them again someday.The emily dickinson one is my favorite. I'll share the rest of my mantel later. 

A simple little bird plaque to add a touch of late spring. I hope everyone had a peaceful and safe Memorial day weekend and thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your projects at Vintage Inspiration Party. Your wreath looks so pretty with the little flowers.

  2. I like the softness you added to the photos. It is very effective giving it a more romantic feel. I love your wreath and the changes you made. xoox Su

    1. I like the softness too, but I'm looking forward to a new camera so I don't have to spend so much time photo editing. I appreciate the nice comment about my wreath, I always enjoy changing for the seasons, especially spring and summer. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Diane, glad that you are back blogging! Love the new touches you've added! The little flowers are both fun and whimsical! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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