Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's day, tea towels and the ladies of Downton Abbey

I put together a little Valentine's post today since I haven't done any blogging in awhile. We all know how time consuming it can be and other priorities take over our time, but I received some new tea towels and I wanted to put together a blogging post about them and share some fun quotes from my Downton Abbey ladies. 

I've mentioned before about the limited space we have downstairs, especially in the dining and kitchen area, so I rely on simple little things to liven up my small space. I love anything that looks farmhouse and wall racks with tea towels really fit that look.

I meant to paint this wall rack white soon after I got it, but I haven't found the time  to do it yet so I decided to go with it as is and turn it into a little Valentine decor with my new tea towels. The towels I bought are part of the Downton Abbey line. I love the french linen  vintage tea towels, but not the prices so these gave me that look without the high price tag. 

I added a chalkboard heart from Michael's and painted a red heart to go in the center. I like the rustic look of it with my tea towel and keys. 

This is the only towel with a graphic and even though it is made with cotton it has the look of linen and I love the stripes, so I was impressed with the quality of these towels.

I knew I wanted some vintage looking tea towels, but I had my amazon gift card so I was limited in my choices, so these worked really well for me. I would have liked more choices in the cream, but they had most of them in sesame, so I had to buy those. I do like them as well, just not as much as the cream one. 

I just added a couple of little hearts I painted red. 

I don't change my decor as much as other bloggers, so I'll have this rack and towels up for quite some time and just change them a bit to get those little touches of the past. 

I told myself that I wouldn't watch Downton Abbey this season, since it has such a short season, but I started watching again and I'm really enjoying it.  Of course there are only two episodes left, so I knew I wanted to share a bit about my favorite ladies on the show. 

Of course I love Mrs. Patmore and I'm sure she could use some love this Valentine's day since she toils away in the kitchen all day. 

She does know how to share a giggle with Mrs. Hughes on occasion. 

And she enjoys sharing words of wisdom regarding matters of the heart with the young women, especially Daisy.  

Lady Violet and Isobel are always bickering it seems, and Violet always has to have the last word. 

But in the end they manage to share a laugh and all is forgiven, at least for the time being. 

After all Valentine's day isn't just about love and romance with your partner, it also means being a good friend. 

And sharing a little bit of Valentine love. Thanks for stopping by.