Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Soft colors of Fall

I've been admiring all the fall decor on blog land, so I wanted to join in with my some of my fall decor.  I always seem to write about the beauty of simplicity, but the reason is that is my style. I don't do a lot of decorating, just a few vignettes are all I need.  I just want to get the feeling of the season and by creating little displays around my living and dining area I am able to accomplish that. 

I found this little Burpee's metal tray at my local thrift store for a few dollars.This is a reproduction of an 1898 metal tray and it reminded me of fall with all the warm gold and brown tones. I love jars of buttons and I keep them out year round, so I added some fall colored buttons to my jar. I already had my vintage green ribbed bowl and I found the little ceramic pear and apple/pumpkin at Michaels on sale. 

I found a small bushel basket that I bought last year, adding a pumpkin and a faux bittersweet bow for an accent. It's fun to see what you can put together using what you already have. Since we've had a lot of overcast skies lately, I added my decor to my kitchen counter by the window to bring in a bit more light. 

I really like the farmhouse theme reflected in this tray. 

Another simple look adding plates with a soft floral design and gold edging to my canning rack, they always remind me of farmhouse style. 

Vintage aprons have always been a favorite of mine, so I found another one that I added to my spool rack. I found this floral one with all the deep blues, golds and plum colors while thrifting of course,  and I liked the fact that it was reversible too. Also, the apron shares some of the same colors that are in my cottage garden picture.  I'll post  more about this apron another time when I have a sunny day to take some pics. 

My mantel can be very frustrating to decorate since it is an open shadow box and the mantel has a very small ledge. Since I have to decorate inside of it, there are always shadows when I take my photos. It's located on the west side of our living room and gets little light. My camera has some limitations, even doing photo editing, so I do the best I can with this space.

 Our living area is small and I think you have to consider the scale of how things look in your photos, compared to how they look in person. I like somewhat minimalist decor and an understated look is best for this space.  I decided to do soft fall colors to reflect off the white space of the open area. 

I don't like spending a lot for seasonal decor, since it's used such a short time and I am thrifty by nature, so I used my gray candlesticks and moved my little ceramic apple and pear over to help decorate my mantel. I added faux leaves to my wreath and since my bird statue reminds me of fall I added it to my pedestal. 

I didn't have any mini pumpkins that I liked to add to my candleholders, so the ceramic pear worked well with its golden color. I thought the ridged design really makes it stand out. I wanted to do something with my little gold picture frame and I added a mini wreath to it. I try and use what I already have and then shop for a few extra things if needed. 

The shaft of wheat made a nice addition with its golden color and texture. 

 The pics came out a little darker than I wanted, but I was able to create a  display of soft fall colors and white accents that really reflects my preference for a simpler style of decorating. 

The beautiful colors of Fall appeal to me more than any other season. I'll be sharing more in upcoming posts. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Small town antiquing

We have some lovely small towns near our home in SW Washington and it's always a nice relaxing getaway to visit them. We love to go antiquing, so we went to one of our nearby favorites, Camas Antiques just 20 minutes away from us in Camas, WA. 

Downtown is small, population is around 20,000 here, but it is a very pretty place. I've always loved the Liberty theatre, we've seen movies here a few times, usually second run features.  I don't have any photos of the interior which is quite pretty as well, especially with the plush purple seating.This theatre has been well maintained and was built in 1927. The antique store is located next door. 

Love the neon signs on these old theatres. Lots of pretty greenery still in late September. 

This lovely fountain is in the downtown square with a memorial plaque dedicated to 9/11 victims. I like the simple brick wall behind it and the statue of the young girl too. You can get a glimpse of how narrow the streets are here. Pretty shops nearby. 

Onward to the antiques. I've been loving hutches lately, since I need one for our dining area, so I was focusing on those during our visit, among other things. None of the booths were too cluttered, which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. 

Love the lace lampshade and picture frames. 

 One of my favorite things in the shop was this lovely barn wood style door with french writing. Love the grape motif on the urn too. Lots of pretty things in here. 

This black cupboard with the unique tins inside caught my eye. I've never really liked black for home decor, but I do like this cupboard, also the vintage movie poster on top. 

Local vintage type signs for Lacamas Lake, a small lake in the area. I really like the welcome signs of the vintage speedboat, deer and the suitably spooky Lacamas Lake monster sign. Hubby liked the metal animal sculptures with the fans inside. Well, they are different. 

I also liked the faux brick Mt Hood sign and the fishing basket. A pretty bird chandy is on the upper left. 

I love vintage trays, this one is rather small of the coca cola lady, would love a larger version of this one. Pretty hair accessories for your vanity. 

I can see this old cabinet in a farmhouse kitchen, very primitive look 

I really like the warmth of wood in this hutch. I would need something smaller, but very similar in style. Nice large area to display all your dishes.

Pretty gardening booth. The fence with birds and hooks is really cute. Especially like the open suitcases with displays inside.

I wanted to add a pic of this booth because I love the alphabet letters with the birds. I might go back another time and get a couple of those. I held back since hubby was with me and I wasn't sure where I would put them.  It can be a good thing to have your guy with you since it cuts down on impulse buys!

Here's another booth that tempted me because I love vintage suitcases and shutters. It's interesting how some things appeal to us more than others. Some times it just triggers a pleasant memory and other times we just love it for whatever reason. 

 I know that cotton bolls have been popular in blogland for awhile now. I've really liked the displays I've seen by fellow bloggers. These were all intertwined together.  I'm not sure if they are a trendy thing or here to stay. Cute fall things on the shelves. 

Some of these fall  ribbons are so pretty they could be an accent on your wall, maybe. Really like the pheasant ribbon and wall tapestry. 

A lot of fun things in this booth. Love the croquet balls and Artic boy water cooler. Vintage typewriters are always fun and love the clocks. Notice the rather creepy vintage eye poster reflected in the mirror above the typewriter. 

I'll end my little antique tour with this rather quirky owl plaque. I thought it was so cute and such pretty detail. I didn't buy anything this trip, but I was certainly tempted.  Love antiquing in the fall. Thanks for stopping by!