Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lavender, mason jars, plates and planes

I took a little blogging break that turned into almost a month. I didn't intend for that to happen, but sometimes you just run out of ideas and time to post. I finally became  inspired just a bit and wanted to share some of my thrifty farmhouse finds with you. 

I've combined some of recent finds together to create this farmhouse vignette on my kitchen counter. My grandparent's kept their country kitchen neat as a pin with minimal decor, but always managed to keep it farmhouse cozy with personal touches. I try and create a feeling or special memory with my vignettes, so I also added lavender.

My first find was the canning jar rack. I can think of so many uses for this rack, especially when I added the round metal tray. I was hoping my metal rack would fit in the tray and it did. Simple little things like this make thrifting worthwhile. You could use the rack and tray with  mason jars of course, condiments for a picnic, add ice for beverages and so on. 

The simple rose floral dishes are from my favorite thrift store. I found the round metal tray and the small picnic basket at a gift shop that was going out of business. Neither one of these items were marked for sale,  but I went to the cashier and they said make me an offer and I got both for ten dollars. I've  learned when a store  is going out of business make an offer, even if the item is unmarked, and you might find a real bargain!

Mason jars will never go out of style for me because they are so typically farmhouse, especially filled with buttons. 

I added a variety of pink, plum and soft colors of buttons to this jar to match the lovely  pink  rose design on my dishes. It takes a lot of buttons to fill up jars, so I added some vintage thread spools to fill it up a bit more. 

To add some interest to my canning jar rack, I stacked some plates on it for a vintage look. 

Although I love the plates stacked on top of each other, I love the idea of stacking the plates upright more. I wasn't sure if this way would work, but by using small salad plates I didn't need anything to prop them up with. I have some family heirloom dishes packed away in our tiny crawl space, but I discovered I really love this sweet china that I found. Along with the pink roses, there are small leaves in silver that match the round metal tray. Now I want more of these dishes, so I hope they have a few more when I go back to the thrift store. 

What's summertime without lavender? I picked some up when I stopped by the farmer's market and added it to my mason jars in my toolbox.  I already had the metal numbers, so I added those to my jars  which makes it a bit more whimsical.

Love the lavender with the bluish green toolbox that was a clearance find at Joann's.  Another mason jar with buttons in darker colors. I didn't have enough buttons to fill up all three jars, so I added  some burlap and lace. 

Lighter summery colored buttons fill my 3rd mason jar. Lovin' the deep purple of the lavender. 

I looked outside when I was taking these pics Monday morning  and spotted this vintage plane flying by. I grabbed  my camera and took a few quick pics. I just have a little point and shoot so the detail isn't as good as it could be, but I love the  fluffy cotton ball look of the sky. 

We have an historic airport, built in the 1920's that is  still in operation today. Every once in awhile we will see these vintage planes cruising along. The plane looks like a dark silhouette against the fluffy clouds in this pic. 

This photo was taken later in the day and shows the corner of our dining area. Some of my decorating ideas came from our Victorian house tour back in May. If you missed the tour visit here.  I'll be sharing my kitchen tour next and you'll see just how tiny a kitchen can be and still be functional. Thanks for visiting!

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