Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lilac Garden Tour

We are fortunate to have so many lovely areas to visit in our region. One of many things that have been on my list to see is the Hulda Klager Lilac farm in Woodland, WA. Hulda and her family moved to the US from Germany in the late 1800's, eventually settling in Woodland. Years later she built her farm on the remaining acreage and began growing lilacs. She eventually hosted a yearly open house to show all her varieties of lilacs and became known as the Lilac Lady. If you're interested in finding out more about the history of her gardens visit this website.

There are quite a few pictures here, so I will be showing the outdoor gardens in this post and I'll share the tour of  the Victorian farmhouse and gift shop next time.  I believe the farmhouse was built in 1889, and it is surrounded by charming gardens and flowers of all varieties.           

We visited in the morning and there weren't as many visitors, so we were able to take a leisurely walk around the grounds. I love how the walkway divides leading to the house and gardens. A little closer look at the farmhouse and its simple, but lovely victorian touches. 

I love the tall tulips mixed in with the ground cover. 

The beautiful water bearer statue, so peaceful with the sound of running water. She is one of my favorite things in the garden. 

I loved the interesting shape of these trees and the colorful flowers. 

Every garden should have a whimsical fairy. Love the open space and seating. 

A closer view of the whimsical  garden fairy eating her pie. More tall tulips, so lovely. 

Charming vintage water tower and windmill. The red building is the gift shop. 

Some of the varieties of lilacs in the garden and some yellow flowers with spiked petals. Love the colors.   

Love these with the white edging. Even though the lilac season is short, their wonderful smell and beauty make it  all worthwhile. 

 This area was kind of hidden away in the corner, notice the huge tree on the left with some unusual growths on its trunk.  I wanted some pics of the only white lilacs in the garden along with some bright pink ones. 

Soft pink and purple lilacs look so quaint with the vintage looking water fountains in this collage.  

They sold lilac bushes and plants in their garden center, but only had a few cut stems and they looked like they had been cut the previous day. I wanted fresh cut stems to create a few vignettes, but I had to take what they had available. I did a little research on lilacs and found fresh cut ones can wilt within a few days, due in part  to their woody stems which don't absorb water well. 

I tried to revive them, although they didn't perk up as well as I had hoped. I added some to my wall basket and created a simple little vignette in my dining area.  

They looked rather weepy, so I added my favorite green scale since I love the color combination of purple and green. 

I needed more purple to balance out my vignette, so I added this sweet poem about the gardens that was sold in the gift shop. 

The poem was rolled up in a scroll, so I just opened it and  added some cardboard backing to it to fill up my shelf. Just a few simple changes are all I need to create my displays. 

I kept the lilacs several days, even after they wilted because I love their fragrance. 

Since the lilac season is short, only a few weeks or so, a variety of lilacs are chosen based on when they bloom, early, mid and late bloomers. I learned quite a bit about lilacs just visiting the farm and their fragrance is addictive! These had already reached their peak. 

Some of the pink ones like these, are late bloomers and I love the pink shades. My hubby seemed to enjoy the gardens as much as I did.  It was so relaxing to visit this beautiful, charming place on a lovely spring morning.  The man on the right was so comfortable he decided to take a snooze on the bench. I'll be sharing a tour of the Victorian farmhouse next time.


  1. What a beautiful garden...I don't think you'd ever be able to get me out of there! I adore how they sprinkled tulips all throughout the garden. So it looks like you could cut quite a few but you'd still have blooms underneath so you're not leaving a huge bare spot! Thank you so much for sharing this....I truly loved it.

  2. Coming over from One More Time party...what a beautiful garden! I am sad to say I've never seen (or smelled) lilac in person. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the tour of the beautiful gardens, the house is lovely too.

  4. A lovely tour of the garden. It is so beautiful, I love the lilacs and pretty statues.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week as well!

  5. Good Morning Diane, What a treat to walk around this beautiful garden. I love Tulips under planted with Forget Me Nots and I do this in my own garden. The Pieris is ready to show it's red leaves and when it does it will look beautiful.
    .... and what is there to say about the Lilacs, except they are beautiful and the garden must have been a dream to walk around with the Lilac perfume in the air.
    Thank you for a lovely treat.
    Best Wishes

  6. This is so pretty! I hope you will share it at my NEW 'Home Sweet Garden' link up party every Tuesday! ♥ Brooke

    This week's party is here...

  7. Lovely post. What beautiful Lilac bushes.

  8. What a beautiful garden Hulda created. Lilac season is so very short, but lovely. Lilacs are at their height just now. I picked a bouquet a couple of days ago but they never last long in the house.

  9. Darling house, darling garden... would love to have you link up to this weeks garden party at Fishtail Cottage (Thursday) xoxo

  10. This garden / place looks like a bit of heaven on earth! :) Just exquisite...

  11. Absolutely lovely! I stayed with some friends this past weekend whose lilac bush was in full bloom. The scent was heavenly! And I did not think lilacs did well in the Deep South. I must investigate heat-tolerant varieties immediately.

  12. Pretty! Lilacs are blooming here too:) Happy Spring

  13. Hello, visiting from A Return to Loveliness. The garden tour was simply gorgeous, love all the gardens and that house! I can almost smell the lilacs! Thanks for sharing all that beauty with us.

  14. I bet it smells as pretty as it looks. I love lilacs.

  15. I would love to add lilacs to my garden, they are beautiful! Such a pretty touch added to your vignettes...
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  16. I would love to add lilacs to my garden, they are so pretty! A perfect touch for your vignettes. Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  17. Diane, what an amazing place - I would just love to visit some day! I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  18. Diane, I love touring gardens and this is an amazing place! My Lilacs are still just in bud. Can't wait to bring some indoors. They don't last long, but the smell is heavenly so I have to bring a few in. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Oh what a lovely tour! I love the house and the gardens. And I agree, the color combination of purple and green is so fresh and pretty!


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