Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Springtime and Roseville

I've had a thing for Roseville pottery lately. I've always loved it but never collected it, hard to believe now since it appeals to me so much.  I am slowly building my collection  with a couple of pieces that are totally unrelated in color and style, but I love them both the same. Two pieces do not make a collection, but it is a start and I'll be adding more over time. I don't know how popular it is right now, but I do know there are deals to be found if you can find it in the shops. There are fake pieces being sold, but they are not very good quality and the markings on the bottom can appear fake as well. If you do decide to collect it you just need to do a little research. 

 I'm not that knowledgeable about Roseville other than what info I've found online. The Roseville Pottery Company began in Roseville and Zanesville, Ohio around 1890 and operated until 1954. If you're interested in finding out more I like the Just Art Pottery site, which goes into detail about Roseville and other types of pottery.  

I found this little candle holder in the Primrose pattern in a pretty turquoise blue  for under 10 dollars partly  because it is chipped around the rim, although it is hardly noticeable. That's what is great about this pottery, the value goes down because of a chip or noticeable wear of the design, but yet the beauty remains. 

I made it the center of my table for my spring display and added a tray I painted for a backdrop. Just a simple little tray painted white with some frenchy style stickers. 

I like to repurpose everything so I added the stickers with little glue dots that are removeable. 

They have so many styles of Roseville pottery, and I almost overlooked this little candle holder because I thought the pattern was rather plain. But now I love its simple style and the art deco style handles. I'm going to start a collection of the candle holders since they  can be more affordable than other pieces. You can always find a use for a single candle holder like this even if it doesn't come in a pair. Make it the center of a small table or place it on a pile of books, to me they are mini works of art. 

I added a gray basket I found at a thrift store for a few dollars. I enjoy the soft contrast of colors for spring. 

My other piece of Roseville is totally different. I thought of it as my consolation prize because I had planned to buy a candle holder in green that I admired in a shop I had visited before, but she gave me a higher price than I was expecting. I thought we had agreed on a price from my earlier visit but that wasn't the case, so I was quite disappointed. I've learned a valuable lesson if you see something in a antique store that is offered to you at a considerable discount and you love it, buy it. It might not be available at that price the next time. She said it wasn't her piece to offer that discount on, I think she honestly forgot what she told me before, but that didn't make it any easier. 

 I was in a bit of huff when I left her shop and I wanted another piece of Roseville, I felt like I'd been cheated in a way and haven't seen another candle holder like it online. I think it is rather rare. Anyway, I'm over it and I found a cute little pottery bowl in the Poppy pattern at another shop. 

I thought the price of 25 dollars was reasonable and I loved the pattern. It is fairly worn, with quite a bit of crazing, but I love the faded watercolor look of the flowers and leaves. Pretty shades of peach, green and yellow. 

I added a spring type candle cover from a thrift shop and perched my little birdie on top. I really love springs with birds and nests nestled on the top, but the ones I saw were too big so I used the candle spring instead. So Spring has definitely  sprung around here! 

This is kind of an unusual mix of things on my bookcase but it is so narrow on top I can't layer my pieces. I just added the bowl and birdie to what I already had. I darkened the colors a bit for more of a contrast from the light colored walls.

I softened this pic a bit. The box belonged to my grandfather and is quite old. The pitcher is another of my thrift store finds. 

   One of many things I like about Roseville pottery is the design is slightly different  on both sides. So if it is slightly imperfect on one side you can display it on the other. 

I decided to add my bowl to the top of my pantry in the entryway. Even though I don't have that much display space, I'm looking forward to collecting more of this lovely pottery. What have you been adding to your collection lately?   Thanks for visiting!

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  2. I wouldn't let a little chip bother me either, especially if I'm buying it because I love it. I've had a few pieces of Roseville over the years and all of them were found at thrifty prices. Your two pieces are the start of a beautiful collection.

  3. Hi Diane, I'm visiting from A Cottage Market :) I've always been an admirer of Roseville, but have never been able to afford it. This past week-end I bought a little pitcher for $1--it had a big hunk broken off and glued back on, along with a small chip on the base. If I put it on the shelf right, you can't tell!! I sold a perfect condition wall-pocket a while back for $100. Roseville in perfect condition commands very high prices. Happy Easter!

  4. What a pretty collection and lovely arranged! :)

  5. This looks lovely - Roseville made beautiful pottery! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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