Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lovin' Green

Even though I haven't created anything special for St. Paddy's day this year, I wanted to share my love of green and show a few images of my simple decor style.  I'm attracted to the color green for a variety of reasons.  It's versatility appeals to me and I seem to have more green in our home than any other color. 

Since I consider myself to be a bit of a minimalist when it comes to decorating, I tend to focus on earthy tones and add other colors as an accent, depending on the season. I find green to be a tranquil, soothing color, much like blue, and it adds a farmhouse appeal during the spring and summer months. I enjoy bringing the colors of the outdoors in this time of year. 

Though our entryway is rather bare at the moment, I do have my farmhouse pantry and as Spring approaches I've decorated it with a touch of green decor. 

Last year I shared my St. Paddy's day wall basket. 

The pantry door was the perfect place to hang it for display. You can visit here for last year's post. 

Earlier this year I created this windowpane style wall hanging with my green scrapbook paper and stamps. I'm sharing it again since this post reflects my love of green. 

The combination of birds and poetry on the simple wall hanging give a zen like simplicity to this uncluttered space. 

The picture quality is poor, but I wanted to share my farmhouse picture again that I've had for quite a few years. The picture along with the green border really appeal to me. This corner of the living room is rather bare, so I added a little basket and a garden angel by the table. 

I like to place things on the floor in the corners of my LR because I don't always like to commit to hanging something on the wall, so this kind of fills it in a bit. It's simple but I like it.  

And speaking of simple, I can't seem to part with my wall clock. I think I've had it for almost 20 years. I know another clock  would look much better, but I don't have another place for this one and I'm not ready to give it up yet. 

It reminds me of an old schoolhouse clock and my grandparent's had one that was  similar in their farmhouse. It does look small on this wall though. I've added more wall decor since I took these pics. 

I've posted about my little green scale before and I've added it again to my shelf in the dining area. I've been loving vintage key rings lately, so I added some replicas from a craft store.   

A little green to brighten the dining area. 

I'm making some changes to the picture hanging above the shelf that I'll share later. 

Most people wouldn't think of wall calendars as art for their walls, but I do. At least temporary art until you decide what you want to hang there long term.  I love these mini calendars for small spaces since they come in such a variety of styles and beautiful photography. I have a  simplicity theme, of course, in my bathroom with a lovely quote from Ms. Dickinson.  

The guest room has a lovely landscape themed calendar..... 

and I couldn't resist sharing this dog illustrated calendar with the sweet lab. 

This beautifully illustrated calendar is one of my favorites, especially since we are such animal lovers. I have one more thing to share.

This lovely young lady with the green gown. They were celebrating a Hispanic festival and this picture was taken at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. To view more about Multnomah  and the beautiful scenery check out my previous post here.  Thanks for viewing my love of green!

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  1. Green is my favorite color. Thank you for sharing the photos. Your home decor is beautiful :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Danice. It's nice to meet another lover of green!

  2. Love all your green goodies. Be still my, love, love the green scale with the doily and old looking keys!!

  3. Lovin all your green! Thanks for linking to TTF this week!

  4. Love that gorgeous green scale


  5. Dear Deane,
    so lovely your green post! Love the angel.
    All the best from Austria

  6. Love the vintage green scale! I want one!!! Love the green

  7. All so pretty. I've been to those falls and it is pretty spectacular. I also love the verdigris angel.

  8. Very pretty greens, I love your scale. Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  9. Love all your touches of green. That scale and key ring are awesome! I like pretty calenders too. I'll have to share my rooster one in my kitchen one of these days on the blog. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  10. Hi Diane, what pretty greenery. You have some lovely treasures....The St. Paddy's basket is perfect and the best is the scale and angel.

  11. Green is a soothing color Diane. Love your pretty greens! The vintage scale has to be my favorite. Not sure what's going on, I can only see about half of the photos. Tried refreshing and saw a couple more. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  13. Hi Diane,
    Clicked over from Cozy Little House. I love your green scale and key vignette! I have a similar scale that is boring white. I think I will throw a splash of paint on it to spruce it up, then distress it, of course :)

  14. Hi Diane,

    Your love of green is displayed so delightfully around your pretty farmhouse! Love your little green scale for its rustic elegance and totally agree that calendars contain some of the best art for our walls!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


  15. Hello Diane

    Green is such a soothing and restful color palette to come home to.
    Love your St Paddy's day wall basket - the "lucky" shamrocks are a clever idea - I'll keep that in mind!
    Your vignette with the vintage scales, bunch of keys and Fleur de Lis tile is inspiring!
    I did a 'green' post for St Patrick's too - come and have a look!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  16. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz com sua doce presença!!! Obrigada!!!
    Beijos Marie.


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