Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine box and bears vignettes

I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day, and since it is tomorrow I knew I would have to put something together quickly and use my stamps and scrapbook paper. I would call this a shabby chic theme and used a round cotton tablecloth then created some romantic themed cards. 

I started this a few days ago, but I'm just now finishing up and even though I hate being rushed, it was fun creating valentines and putting my little valentine box together.  This is just a simple little display and to fill in the space I added some wine glasses and some wine we have been saving.  

I love wood boxes so I found this wine box at a thrift store, painted it white and added a heart banner with my favorite floral heart stamp. 

I stamped some romantic images onto card stock and layered them onto the scrapbook paper. I like "no muss no fuss" projects, and these went along fairly quickly. I do need to experiment with my camera a bit more and find better settings to take my photos.For the time being I'm relying on photo editing. 

A simple heart on french script paper. 

The wine box is fairly narrow, so I only added a decorative metal piece to one end.  

A few of the stamps I used. I found the cute  little girl valentine stamp on clearance at a craft store over the holidays. Stamping used to be quite popular years ago when I started, now you can find some  great stamps on clearance if you just know where to look. 

The little girl valentine stamp served as my inspiration piece and I knew I had to create something with it. I love the vintage appeal.  I just wish I could have posted this sooner. At least I finished it though and have something to show for Valentine's day, although it is almost upon us!  I have some pics coming up showing how I displayed her with my bears.  

Another favorite was this vintage scrapbook paper that looks like cardboard. I added some stamped images to cream card stock and added it to the front. 

I wanted to use a pink theme for one of the cards, so I used my bright pink stamp pad and made a vintage valentine to go with my bear. I've had this bear for quite a few years. I don't think we're ever too old to hold on to a few favorite bears that we've collected. I've always liked the soft pastel pink and yellow on this bear and the flower. I knitted a cap and scarf several years ago to add to it. I used decorative things I already had to embellish the card a bit. 

These are my kissing Valentine bears. Their cheeks would glow when they kissed, but the battery has since worn out. I still like them and I'm glad I kept them since they go so well with my vintage valentine. I used a heart stamp for the background and stamped the valentine girl's image adding it to the top and stamped some roses in the corners. This stamping hobby of mine has come in handy since I've started blogging. 

We don't have anything special planned for Valentine's day this year, partly because my hubby's birthday is a week after the holiday and we celebrate then. The wine left over from New Year's eve is tempting me though, so we can make the evening a little more special and share it. Thanks for stopping by and seeing my almost belated Valentine post. 

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scenes from a snowy day and snowmobiles

I've been waiting and hoping for some snow here, but we got more than we bargained for in SW Washington and surrounding areas. It started in our region on Thursday and by Sunday we had received about 8 inches altogether. I know many of you are tired of snow, it has been everywhere, but it is wonderful to see it in our area since we haven't had much rain yet this year and we needed the moisture. 

I had been planning on doing a post for Valentine's day, but this snowstorm changed that and I wanted to share all the snow related activities going on behind our home. 

I love the huge evergreens in our region and they are so beautiful with snow. 

These pics aren't the best with my point and shoot. I did manage to get a few fairly decent ones though.  We moved into our house almost 3 years ago and one of the reasons we chose it was because of the open spaces behind our house. That is now changing and developers are starting to build houses behind us, so this is likely the last view we will have like this. There is a large sloped area across the street and behind our home which is perfect for sledding. 

The view through our sliding patio door. I could not get a good pic of this, it was so overcast that day.  I still have the Christmas cling up of Snoopy and Woodstock. 

I put together a collage of some of my favorite images. 

Most of these pics were taken through our glass patio doors or upstairs. I had a cold over the weekend so didn't join in.  I likely prevented an injury to myself. Tranquil scene of  snowboarders with their dog. 

I wasn't able to get a good pic of  Mom and daughter sledding, so I took this one. Look at the little girl's oversized gloves. Very cute.

Some stylish looking sledders. 

Snowboarder sliding down the street behind our home. Notice the lovely shopping cart in the snow. Some of these pics were taken on Friday when we actually had some blue skies for awhile. 

It was really amusing when one of our neighbor's took his family out in his snowmobile. They were having so much fun buzzing around. 

He has a wild looking snowmobile. Obviously it's been modified somewhat and has zebra like stripes and unusual looking gears in the back. The shape of it reminded me of a small helicopter. His little girl enjoyed her ride. 

A wide open view of the land behind us. That pile of snow that looks like a snowdrift is actually snow on top of a pile of dirt. They are starting to build some new homes to the left of it. We know how lucky we've been to have this view the last few years. To see how this area  looked behind our house a year ago visit here. 

I wasn't able to get some good photos of the sledders going down the hill, I was too far away, but I did manage to get some pics of them heading down during the heavy snow. It's the Sochi mini slopestyle competition!

 Trudging back up the hill. I was surprised how easy it was for them to walk back up the slippery slope. I think someone from the construction crew in the yellow jacket was keeping an eye on things. 

I'm sure there were at least 50 and likely more out there at one time. They were fairly orderly, focusing on sledding and boarding. It's getting a little rowdier today though.  Who needs the mountains when you have these little slopes to slide down.

A view of the snow covered trees in front of our house from an upstairs window.  

I love the beautiful frosted look the snow creates on these trees. One of my favorite parts of winter.  We're having a big warm up on Monday, so this won't be around much longer.  Hopefully I can get a Valentine's post put together. Thanks for stopping by!

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