Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas critters felt along party

When I heard about the monthly Christmas Critter felt along hosted by Dawn @ Creative Cain Cabin and Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage, I knew I wanted to join in. 

I've visited Claudia's blog many times and when she mentioned she was co-hosting the 12 month felt ornament challenge it sounded like a lot of fun. They'll be sharing patterns each month for two different felt ornaments  and by the end of the year you could have as many as 24 for your tree, or however you want to use them. 

I thought the owl and bear patterns were really cute so I created 1 of each and kept them fairly simple. I wanted to add some stitching on the edges, but I haven't sewn for awhile, so I decided just to glue the felt pieces together and try my sewing skills on other ornaments. 

I had in mind to do some crazy patterns with felt, but in the end I decided to use my white and blue felt for the main colors of each ornament. 

I decided to do a simple blue bear and added some embroidery thread for a bow. I really love the shade of this blue felt. I'll be sharing this pattern with others because it is so cute and you can add so much personality to your bear. 

I made sleepy eyes for my snowy owl and had a leftover blue heart from my bear, so I decided to add it to the front. My hubby called this my ghosty owl and he commented about how cute both my felt critters were.  He rarely comments about what I'm making, (without being asked), so when he does say something  nice about it he really means it! I can redecorate the mantel and he hardly says a word, but I make a little felt ornament and he notices right away. We are both easily amused by the simplest of things at times. 

I used to knit quite a bit in the past, so I added my blue lace scarf and a felted gray square to show my owl and bear. In addition to hanging them on your tree, these felt critters can be used in a variety of ways to decorate a scarf or a cute knit bag for a child, and I read another blogger suggested  finger puppets which is a great idea too. I'm looking forward to continuing the monthly felt ornament challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Refresh, renew and an early Spring

I think of January as a month for new beginnings. Like many of you I've been recycling, repurposing, donating and basically taking stock of all the unnecessary  things that are cluttering up our house. I also have too many craft projects unfinished and magazines I've been hoarding,  so I've been going through all these things a little bit at a time and I've accomplished quite a bit.  

I don't really make resolutions for the New Year, but I do set goals, I don't always achieve all of them, but I have found it helpful to make a written list of things I want to accomplish. My organizing skills are lacking and I'm more likely to follow through on them that way! Some of those things are in relation to my blog and what I hope to accomplish.

 I'll be making a few changes to my blog content, although I can't promise I will blog more often, I have made that promise before and it didn't work out. We all know how time consuming blogging is and there are always those times I don't have anything to share. That has been happening more and more lately. 

I really just want to blog about what inspires me and not get caught up in creating projects all the time. When I do create projects I will be using items I already have and try not to clutter my home again with items I have no room for. 

Since I'm a longtime scrapbook paper hoarder, I'll be trying to come up with  more creative ways to use my paper, if that is even  possible since there are so many ideas out there already. I also want to use my stamps more often, I have a ton, many of them with a vintage theme.  I know better than to make promises on my blog so I'll just take it as it comes and hope my blog moves forward in a way that I want and will be interesting to my readers. 

I had planned on my next project having a winter theme but since I'm behind on my projects anyway I decided to do something for Spring. I'm ready for it already. I found this little shadow box on sale and painted it white and used my bird stamps to make a spring themed collage. I'm also showing a peek of my kitchen for the first time. I call it my mini kitchen or kitchenette, since it's so small and I'll share more about it in a later post. 

I've blogged before on how I like a clean, simple look and not a lot of clutter on my walls or in my home, especially since our house is rather small.  I just like simple little things that make me smile. I added the faux hydrangeas to my box and a botanical from the Graphics Fairy. 

I love green, so I found some paper with ginkgo leaves and ferns and used what I had in my stamp stash to create this simple little bird collage. 

I really like the window pane look of these collage style shadow boxes.I added some poems and inspiring words to the bird stamps and created a little story board type of theme. 

I've seen this popular poem by Emily Dickinson used many times over the years and wanted to share it again.  

I've had this floral paisley stamp for years. 

I love vintage postcards of all kinds. 

I added this Victorian Posy book of poems and I'll share more about it later. It has lovely illustrations and perfumed pages. 

I found it in a thrift store for a few dollars. It has a wonderful collection of poems with flower themes. 

A few more close ups of my birds and floral stamps. 

Even though it's rather small, the collage looks nice propped up behind the the flower box as well. I might have to come up with something else for this wall. I'll be sharing another post by the end of the month. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sharing with

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflections on 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebration, however you chose to celebrate it.  A New Year always brings a new beginning and hope for the future. With that in mind, here's a look back at some of my favorite projects and the places we visited in 2013. 

Some of my favorite things are the simplest, so I turned this little wall basket into a St. Paddy's decoration by adding a graphic of a lovely Irish lass and created some lucky shamrocks. 

Since I consider my decorating style to reflect the farmhouse look,  I shared my simple and unadorned farmhouse corner of my dining room. 

I created a simple vignette with fresh flowers and touches of white. 

And added some spindles to my cream pitcher. 

I continued the farmhouse theme with pitchers and eggs on the window sill. 

On a lovely spring day we visited our favorite lake and took these pictures on the island.

The weather was perfect that day. 

We enjoyed the beautiful azaleas  and fountain as well. 

There was still quite a  bit of snow on Mt. Hood when I took this pic in early summer. 

We enjoyed a Fourth of July picnic with friends and saw the beautiful fireworks. 

We're lucky to have a  lavender farm so close to us here in SE Washington. I created some vignettes with the fresh lavender and shared some of the colorful  images of the farm. 

Including the hens that came right up to me looking for a handout. 

My favorite project was putting my family history together in pictures. I turned a barn wood frame into a window and added some vintage scrapbook paper for the background. 

This simple little collage of family photos makes a lovely addition to my living room. 

We took a late summer vacation and visited some nearby sights. We are fortunate to live in Washington State where we have so much natural beauty to enjoy. 

We never tire of visiting Multnomah Falls near Portland every year. 

Or the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge. 

A visit to the Gorge isn't complete without  seeing my favorite collectibles store. 

I wanted to share these picturesque images of Depoe Bay Oregon again. We always enjoy visiting here. 

A lovely lighthouse in Newport. 

The Bayfront district in Newport. The sea lions look rather battle weary, but I wanted to show them in a quiet moment basking in the sun. 

The turning of the seasons into beautiful autumn leaves. 

One of the things on my list for 2013 was opening an Etsy shop. I finally opened it in December and I'll  try to build up a decent inventory in the coming months. These are some of my frenchy winter tags. 

I repurposed my St. Paddy's day basket and added some joy for Christmas. 

Just the simple addition of musical notes scrapbook paper to  the back of my burlap board  gave me the background I needed for my Christmas wreath. 

A final look at my Christmas collage.

Thanks to those of you who take the time to visit or leave comments on my blog. I know there are tons of blogs out there, so I appreciate you stopping by mine. A new year brings about change, so my blog will be evolving, although I'm not sure just yet what those changes will be! Here's wishing the best to you in the New Year!