Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall in simpler times

Since I'm still loving the warm, earthy colors of fall, I wanted to share something I created with a few quick changes. I like to change my little bookcase for the seasons, so I pulled together a few fall looking things for my vignette. 

I added a few fall flowers to my pitcher and recycled a basket for fall by adding some wood fruit and leaves. I have a couple of brown transferware pieces I wanted to share as well. This Clarice Cliff bowl is a lovely poppy design that I received from my inlaw's years ago. I love the look of the poppies, so I'll be on the lookout for a few more pieces of this pattern and start a collection. The bowl is rather small but it has the fall vintage look that I love,  and I thought it would look pretty on my small bookcase. 

 I have lots of dinnerware, but nothing in pretty brown shades, so I wanted to display this and another bowl I have. Since the plate stand is covering up part of the pattern, I wanted to show it another way. 

I added it to my little wooden chest that was already filled with vintage cooking utensils to show the design better. Since my bookcase is so dark I decided to display this on the floor. I love the soft, golden brown shades of the poppies in this vintage bowl. 

My pretty little Johnson Bros. bowl. I love all the pretty detail on the edge. They created such beautiful vintage dishes back then. I actually had two of these, but I over tweaked my display and one broke. At least it broke on the carpet and it was a clean break, so I can repair it easily. Sometimes it's just best to leave well enough alone!  This is a lesson I learn daily, especially since I started blogging. Just be happy with it, as is.  

Another closeup of my pretty poppies. I'm so grateful I didn't break this one!

I also wanted to share my sweet farmhouse print. I've had this for years and it has always reminded me of fall. I love the colors and the prairie style look to it, possibly from the late 1800's. It looks very french farmhouse to me, with the lady of the house feeding her chickens and the husband herding his sheep. I took this picture at an angle to avoid the reflection from the glass. 

I'm displaying the print now on a narrow wall between two windows. The faux hydrangeas are in my little crate and sitting on my kitchen counter. My counter has turned into my craft space, it's very cluttered, so I'll  share more about what I'm doing later. 

I faded the colors a bit on this last photo, which I think best sums up my style for fall. 
Softer shades and simpler times. 
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  1. So pretty! Beautiful plates too! Happy autumn!

  2. You have such a beautiful collection of dishes. Everything looks really pretty. My favorite - the flowers in the pitcher. XOXO

  3. It looks beautiful and fall-ish. I spotted that dish as Johnson Bros right away. They just have a look. I gave away my set last year and they also looked "autumnal." I am missing them now, but they went to a good place.

  4. I love brown dishes, too, and just happened upon some recently on vacation. I was so excited!! They aren't as pretty as your Johnson Bros. bowl, though. I really like how you've displayed these pieces. They look gorgeous!!!

  5. Your transferware is stunning and I absolutely adore that painting. Don't forget to link up to my Holiday Baking Party on the 20th Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. I've been admiring those Johnson Bros. dishes and want to get some of them. That's too bad that one of yours got broken. The first bowl with the brown poppies is great- love the soft design. I love that painting. I agree it looks French.

  7. Beautiful vignettes featuring your bowls. I know how heart-breaking it is when you drop a favorite piece.

  8. I love the way you used the box to display your dishes. So creative and lovely.

  9. What a gorgeous picture! I love farm house scenes!

  10. Very pretty! I think using the box to display a dish is brilliant! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  11. Love your dishes :) If you have a minute, stop by and share at my new link party, Everyday Vintage. Your style is the perfect fit. Would love to see you there!

    Lisa @ Helene's Legacy

  12. Diane, I absolutely love both dishes! I only have one little thrift find small saucer plate of brown transferware. I lucked out last year and found a gorgeous small Johnson Bros. pitcher. Not long after I found 7 large plates at a thrift store that were Johnson Bros. Thanksgiving. I let my sister have three of them for her plate holder. I hear you about over tweaking. I've done that before. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Beautiful. serene fall vignettes, I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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