Sunday, October 6, 2013

Colorful collectibles and cowboys

I don't have my fall decorating done yet, I usually do small touches of fall anyway, so I wanted to share a visit we made to one of my favorite vintage collectible stores. This store also has a charming cafe and ice cream shop.

These pictures were actually taken last year. I wanted to wait and show them in the fall, since they have such  a lovely selection of fall pieces. The General Store is located in the small town of Troutdale, Oregon on the historic Columbia River Highway. The highway leads to the  Columbia River Gorge. I shared more about the Gorge in an earlier post. 

There are so many delightful items here that I hardly know where to start. This is a rather picture heavy post for me.  I love all the vintage reproduction farmhouse signs on the wall, and all the other farmhouse goodness.  

I'll begin the tour outside and show this amazing bronze statue of a weathered cowboy and his faithful companion.  The statues are located in front of a business next door to the collectible store. 

They also have a moose and an elk that look quite majestic as well. Perhaps they are all grouped together to represent the changing landscape of our country. 

There is wonderful attention to detail on the cowboy's clothing.

The aged look of the cowboy is beautifully done. Love the hat as well. 

No self respecting cowboy would be without his favorite sidekick. Usually it would be a horse, but in this case it's his devoted canine companion. 

 Moving inside to the General Store. It's filled to the brim with all kinds of lovely collectibles. Along with all the farmhouse goodness that I showed at the beginning of my post, there are these beautiful bird signs and figurines. I really had to restrain myself to not buy something because I loved almost everything. Unfortunately, hubby was there to keep me in check. A lot of things were out of my price range since we had a budget to follow for our mini vacation. Also I have minimal space to display things, so I decided to put off buying anything on this visit anyway!  Following a budget on a trip is not fun!

They have very low lighting in here so some of these photos are rather dark. Wonderful vintage signs on the walls and of course a rooster too!

I wasn't a big rooster fan when we visited this store last year. They really appeal to me now. Such a beautiful design and color on all the containers and bowls. 

They do such a wonderful job displaying these collections. Love the clock and the crystal bottle stoppers. No decisions necessary, I'll take everything!

 I love clocks of all kinds. There are some cute mini snowshoes in front of the lamp. I didn't even notice those until I looked at the pictures later. 

The General Store has three floors, so there is so much to look and plenty of dark corners.  I wanted to share this large drying rack with all the cups. Just lovely!

More lovely crystal flowers and crosses. I like this dark silhouette of decor against the  rustic scenery outdoors. Lovely figurine candle holder. 

I had to share these quirky frogs and their cute expressions.

Some magical looking mushrooms....

with their wild looking pumpkins and squash! I love their faces, even though they are a bit scary looking!

A rugged looking statue of a ship's captain with his life preserver.  Love the vintage looking Coca Cola barrel and coffee can too!

More great items on the top level with this interesting tobacco sign and musical instruments. 

They had some adorable fall decor. Love those owls!

And my favorite fall display. These adorable birds, leaf bowls and the sweet elf type figure. So pretty! 

A bit of decor for Thanksgiving. Lovely fall colors!

I've always loved western themed decor. Love the rustic look and the lamp on the left with the horse base. That is quite a lamp!

 Beautiful horse bookends and marvelous things of metal and iron. They definitely have something for everyone here! We visited again this year and I did buy something that I will share later.  Hope you enjoyed traveling through the collectibles with me! 

 And I can't forget the wistful cowboy, longing for the way things used to be. 

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  1. What a fun store! Lots to see! Sometimes we have to enjoy the treasures without buying. I'd end up being a hoarder if I bought everything I liked!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh I'm pretty sure that shop would be mighty tempting. I already want the tea towel I saw. ☺ The cowboy is so realistic that he'd make me look twice. Ditto with the moose and stag. Oh, my friend Jill just had a close encounter with a moose...fantastic'd find her easiest by looking at comments just before yours. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. This looks like my kind of place!! How did you resist buying everything? Thanks for the virtual visit. :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  4. What a great shop! I love this kind of store that is packed to the rafters with all sorts. xx

  5. What a beautiful place to shop! You can't even see everything in that amazing store! I sure love the bottles with the decorative glass stoppers. And I love that cowboy. Did you pose with him? Happy Monday!

    1. No, I didn't pose with him. I thought about posing with the moose though! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Thanks for popping by my blog. The statues this store has are amazing, not to mention the items inside. I use Bloglovin for following ,even though I did sign up for GFC - it is rarely used.

  7. I am back again to let you know I'm following. I thought GFC was that Google + thing. LOL

  8. What a wonderful store! I love the sculptures outside as well. I see many things, I would love to have but, hubby wants to downsize what we already do have. I have been to Troutdale and the Columbia River Gorge, it is a lovely area to visit. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy week, I am following now too.

  9. What a wonderful shop!! I see lots of goodies that I like. Thanks for taking us along on your visit there.

  10. Wow, that cowboy almost looks real. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. all the displays are so cool and well thought out thanks for sharing I'm lorraine at

  12. I love shops like this! It makes me a) want to buy every item I see and b) go home and set my living room up like a shop! Those frogs are super cute! :)

  13. What FUN, I do love shops like this! Love those sweet little bird dishes...
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  14. Diane, what a fun shop. So much eye candy for us to see! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  15. Diane,

    What a marvellous place! I would have a very hard time walking away from those chickens and hens and roosters! Thanks for sharing!



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