Monday, September 23, 2013

Colors of early Fall

Our local Farmer's Market is coming to an end soon, so I wanted to browse their flower vendors and find some blooms with some fall color. The bold colors of these flowers really stood out to me. I love all the rust and gold shades. I think the colors in these work really well for a late summer or early fall bouquet.  Since flowers are marked down at the market this time of year, I was able to find a great bouquet for five dollars! 

I wanted a bouquet with some sunflowers, and was quite surprised that I only found one, so I grabbed it quick. It is a huge bouquet and I did think about separating the flowers, but the stems were so intertwined that I just left it together since I wanted to take some quick pics. 

I believe the large flame tipped blooms on the sides are spider mums. I can't believe how big they get. I also didn't enhance the color of these in any way. They are so bright that I had to tone down the colors a bit. 

I kind of go back and forth between subdued and bright colors this time of year. The Asiatic lilies are so pretty with the flaming rust color against the mums. The mini white daisies provide a nice mix with all the larger flowers. I just loved the entire bouquet, especially since all I had to do was provide a vase. I tried to show all angles and I wanted to focus on the sunflowers, since I just had a few in the bouquet. 

I was kind of limited on time, so I created a simple vignette to enhance the beauty of the flowers. I was worried the mums would overpower the other flowers, since they are so huge, but I decided to leave them in because they are so dramatic. I noticed after I took the photos that there was a wayward bud stem leaning over below the sunflowers. I think it kind of adds to the beautiful mess appeal of the arrangement. 

There is construction going on behind our home, so this isn't the prettiest view. Green is one of my favorite colors, so I added a simple green checked kitchen towel with a few accent pieces. 

I just layered some fall fabric in a pretty cornucopia design to add a bit of fall, and it ties in with the flowers nicely as well. 

 Love the velvety richness of the lilies with the sunflowers.

The mini daisies look  like they are woven into the arrangement from this angle. 

An early fall bouquet full of color. If you have a farmer's market nearby I hope you get a chance to pick up some pretty blooms too. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Visiting you from Wow Us Wednesdays.
    Love your bouquet! Your must have a terrific Farmer's Market. You are very lucky!

    from Virginia

    1. We do love our market. The variety and color of their flowers is just outstanding! Thanks for visiting.

  2. A gorgeous, rich eyeful of autumnal ambiance, Diane! Simply beautiful!


  3. Simply stunning! So much colour and a great price too!

  4. Gorgeous floral display. The colors are so vibrant and festive. I love visiting the Farmer's market.
    Thanks for your visit and encouraging words....xo Linda

  5. Gorgeous bouquet! Perfect colors for Fall. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.


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