Saturday, September 14, 2013

Barn wood frame & old family photos

I have really liked barn wood frames for awhile now, so I decided to add some vintage family photos and create a farmhouse display.  I really love their rustic look, but I couldn't find the size I wanted at a price I wanted to pay. Like many of you, I'm always looking for thrifty ways to decorate! 

I did find a composite wood frame that looks quite real, although the 16x20 was a little smaller than I wanted, the price was right. I also love all the vintage window frames I've been seeing everywhere, so I wanted  to create a window frame look for my photos. 

Since I wanted a window frame look, I found some  narrow pieces of wood at Joann's to divide the frame and painted  and distressed the edges. I found a soft gray color that worked well with my frame. I then  added some scrapbook paper to the backing. This was so easy to put together.  The hardest part was picking out the photos I wanted.

I really like this scrapbook paper because it has the look of a vintage  Sears and Roebuck catalog.  And I definitely have some vintage photos to go along with it. 

I'm fortunate to have so many old family photos to choose from, especially from my Dad's side of the family. Since they were farmers they didn't have much money, but they managed to take quite a few photos, considering how expensive they were in those days. So I do cherish these photos and wanted to display them. I feel like why keep your lovely vintage photos in boxes and just look at them from time to time when you can display them as wall art. It also reminds you of your roots when you can look at vintage family  photos, some you never met,  and remember where you came from. Although it was a much simpler time,  they definitely had their share of hardship in those days. 

I decided my great grandparents photos on the right were a bit too serious to use. Since photos were expensive then, people rarely smiled in them. Although I love these photos, I wanted something more lighthearted and fun to display.

I also wanted to get a photo restored. But when I found out the prices for a very small photo I changed my mind. Minimum of 40 dollars, so I'm glad most of these photos are still in quite good condition. I made copies of the originals and was quite pleased with how well they came out. 

My paternal grandparent's had four children, and since I had pictures of all of them I wanted to create a collage to represent my Dad's side of the family. I was quite close to some of my aunts and uncles when I was growing up, so it's fun to display pictures of them when they were children. The picture in the center shows everyone as adults. 

Also, the quality of  some of these photos isn't the best, partly because I didn't have enough light and I'm using my canon point and shoot camera. It does quite well on a sunny day, especially outdoors, but it is hard to get the proper lighting on the east side of our living room.   But these are vintage photos, so the grainy look isn't a bad thing.  

I just added a few simple things to my small bookcase to help create a farmhouse display for my vintage family photos. A small platter was added, as well as  a round basket lined with burlap. I added some faux green apples to provide some color. The pitcher was a thrifty find and I added a vintage bowl as well. I wanted to keep it simple to reflect the times. 

 I believe the small chest once belonged to my grandfather. I've had that quilted heart in  a frame for quite some time, too. Since this bookcase is small, I didn't want to add too much to it and make it look cluttered.  

My grandparent's on their wedding day. What a simple, yet beautiful photograph. My dad and his siblings are pictured on the left. 

I have to share the closeups of each picture because they are just too cute to miss. I think so anyway. They took such adorable sepia photos in those days, especially of the little ones. They always dressed up so nice too, since it was such a special  occasion. 

This is a picture of my dad around 1 1/2 or so. His little sweater outfit is so cute. Love the leggings and hat. He was a real cutie when he was a little guy. They took such charming photos back then. 

My dad on the left with his younger brother Paul. I  wish the quality of these pics were a bit better so you could see all of the detail. They are so cute together. Lovely photo even though it's a bit faded. 

Here they are again outdoors with two sweet little girls that were friends.  I don't really know the story behind this photo. My uncle Paul is in front leaning away from the little girl, while my dad in back doesn't look shy at all. It looks like my grandparent's wanted them to stand together to embarrass them a bit. They are farm kids with their overalls and the girls are dressed up with bows in their hair. I love their expressions. 

More hair bows and bobbed hair. They were definitely in, back in the late 1920's. Yes I'm showing a photo of my dad again with his younger sister Ruth. He's leaning back a bit and looks slightly mischievous in this photo. Such a cute picture of them!I wish I had more pictures of my aunts when they were young. I'm glad for the ones I have though.  

My uncle Paul with his sweet sister, Esther. She was the youngest in the family, like me. She looks so adorable with her hair bow and curls. My uncle looks quite grown up in this photo. He certainly knows how to strike a pose! Lovely photo!

I need to add more decor to my walls, they are rather bare at the moment. I'm a bit of a minimalist who loves farmhouse style. I'll be gathering up some photos from the maternal side of my family. They didn't have as many from my mom's side, but I do have a fair amount so I'll share them another time. I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and the family photos. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. What a wonderful way to display old pictures. Love it!


  2. Your frame is perfect, old photo's are the greatest and you framed them just right.

  3. What a fun project. Love all of the family photos!
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi Diane, thanks for visiting and following so I could then find your blog and follow back. Lovely vignette with your vintage family photos in your 'window'. Great idea.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous project Diane. I really enjoyed seeing the family photos. How special to frame them in this way, so you may enjoy seeing each and everyday. xo Linda

  6. Those are wonderful photos, no wonder you wanted to display them. At first I thought you had used a window frame, you did well with the small pieces of wood you added. It looks lovely!

  7. So glad you shared this pretty vignette. You have it all arranged so nicely. The green apples are lovely with all of the white dishes!


  8. Love how you did this fame. Using the scrapbook paper as a background is a great idea and doesn't harm the photos. I also love vintage photos. Love the whole look!!!

  9. Lovely, nostalgic and so striking-
    Happy Hugs,

  10. Those old photos are so charming and I just love how you displayed them!

  11. Your dad, uncle, and aunts look so cheerful in their childhood photos. What an incredible set of photos that can be given to your children one day. Seeing the old photos of our relatives when they were young is such a refreshing different perspective into their personalities compared to how we saw them growing up ourselves.


  12. Oh I do so love this project and the old photos are so fabulous. Great idea. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  13. Oh how lovely, and historical. I love old photos of family members. You did a wonderful job on the frame :)

  14. What a fabulous way to display your family photos! I love the paper that you used for the background, perfect!

  15. You did a great job with the frame. It's perfect for the vintage photos of your family. The little ones looked so cute back then!

  16. How beautiful Diane - just beautiful!!!
    You are indeed lucky to have so many old photos of loved ones!

  17. Love how this turned out!! Old photos are so special. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

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  19. What I noticed most about all the photos was that the people were smiling and even almost laughing. So many photos of that time showed people looking so serious.

    So fun to have all the family photos and a great display.

  20. Lovely! I featured your post today on The Creative Home & Garden! I hope you'll stop by and share more :)

  21. Diane, this is so wonderful - such charming pictures - love the way you put them together with the paper background - loved it! I am so delighted that you shared with Home and GardenThursday,

  22. I love old photos and I adore the way you have displayed them.

  23. Simply wonderful! So gorgeous it makes me cry! TFS...hugs...

  24. Oh these photos are priceless! Love the color of the frame and adding the wood dividers was a great idea! I have wanted to add some vintage photos to our guest room in the basement. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Diane, I so enjoyed this post, reading about your dad's side of the family, and being able to see what they all looked like as youngsters. The photo of your grandparents is beautiful, and they make a handsome couple. How lovely that you created this interesting collage to remind you of your roots, and a heartwarming tribute to your ancestry!



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