Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage table cover and thrifty finds

I've hardly posted this month, mainly because blogging has taken a backseat to other things, but I wanted to share this sweet table cover I found recently. I stopped in an antique mall looking for a small round tablecloth and I wasn't really expecting to find anything I could afford, when I discovered this lovely white lace one. I really like the basket design and the lovely embroidered flowers with the simple scalloped edge. 

I'm sure some of you have quite a collection of linens, but I don't have that many that I like, so this little cover will look great on my small table upstairs. It was only twelve dollars, which to me was a bargain for something I really like! It's only 34" around so it is just the right size. It is in very good condition with only a small tear and a few small stains. I'm  showing it on our kitchen table downstairs to show the design better. It's just a simple linen tablecloth with a shabby look, but it inspired me to create a small vignette with some other thrifty finds from a recent thrift store visit. 

I have some china packed away with no place to put it right now, so I'm using this little salad plate with the rose cup and tea holder. I tend to keep my vignettes pretty simple most of the time anyway. The cup didn't come with a saucer so I placed my little plate on a stand.  These are all thrift store finds. 

I added a french looking candle holder with my rose ball bouquet. We have a small home with limited storage so I try to reuse things as much as I can. Our living room  furniture is in need of an update, but that is on our never ending to do list, so I'm in the middle of rearranging things.  I soften my photos a lot with ipiccy photo software. It can come in handy around here!

I love the rose pattern and the swirl design on the edge of the plate. A simple little tea strainer is added to the tea bag holder. 

I haven't had time to press the tablecloth yet. It was  hanging up but still had quite a few wrinkles. The little plant stand  with the faux arrangement was a clearance find at Michael's.  

I noticed my plate and  tea cup are in every photo. I enjoy the sweet rose pattern.  You can make the simplest little vignette look  different just by rearranging and doing photo editing. 

It would be nice if I had some fresh flowers, but these silk ones fill in nicely. I made this post short and sweet, because I  thought I'd better create it before summer fades away! Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Multnomah Falls Highlights

I'm sharing some more pictures of our road trip late last summer. We visited the Oregon coast, Columbia River Gorge and all places in between. One of our visits was to the beautiful Multnomah Falls near Portland. We've visited here several times, but this was the first one with my new camera, so I was more than happy to try it out. There were quite a few people at the falls that day, so I didn't really get any pics of the beautiful Lodge located next to the falls. I've added several links in this post so you can find out more about this area. They have a great website of the Lodge located  here.

Hubby and I were in for a couple of surprises that day. As we approached the falls we saw that a wedding was taking place. It was a bit of a struggle to find an opening to take some pics, but I managed to get a few. I love the roar of the waterfall, and with that for a backdrop I can see why this is a highly  desired place for a small wedding. So with some invited guests and a few friendly strangers looking on, they held a brief ceremony. Notice the groom and the best man in white, on the right. 

I still couldn't get a view of the bride, but these pictures came out so sweet. So unexpected to see a wedding here. 

The lovely bride and groom sharing a sweet kiss.

Even the sweet doxie was moved by the ceremony!

The lovey dovey pair look adoringly at each other. The maid of honor looks a wee bit embarrassed and the older man looks quite amused. I also enjoyed the farmhouse style  clothing and the overall  old fashioned feel to this wedding. Quite charming!

The friendly strangers enjoyed the wedding as well!

Then another surprise. Right after the ceremony a young girl, looking like a princess, arrived with her male escorts for some pictures. I wasn't able to find out what they were a part of, but her dress and flowers were beautiful. I loved the matching  green ties on the guys as well. 

Multnomah Falls provides a beautiful background for a princess. It was hard to find an open view to take this picture, but at the last minute I found one. Lovely crown and earrings!

We also visited some smaller waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge scenic area. This is Horsetail falls, named because of its horsetail appearance. There are several other falls in this area, all unique and you can find out more by visiting Columbia Gorge waterfalls site.

Although these falls are much smaller than Multnomah, they are so fun to visit. It's so quiet and peaceful with only the sound of rushing water.  

These pictures don't even come close to showing the beauty of this area. 

A few more pics of Multnomah. Hubby walked the trail so he could stand on the upper bridge. It's a great view from up there. 

Hopefully we will find some time for a visit again this year. We enjoy all the scenic beauty this region offers. If you want to see my previous post of our visit to the Oregon coast and the sea lions check here.  I hope you enjoyed this quick little trip to the waterfalls. Thanks for visiting!