Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pacific NW History & Mt. Hood

I've  always been a bit of a history buff so I wanted to share a little bit about the history of our city and some lovely historical buildings and scenery. 

I'm taking you on a stroll thru history. Vancouver Washington is the oldest city in Washington state. It has a rich history as a military outpost in the 1800's. This house is named after Ulysses Grant who used it as a headquarters for operations. You can read more about this at Officer's Row Historic District here.

The Grant House is now a restaurant and one of the main attractions of the historic reserve. I wanted to share a few pictures of it decorated for the 4th of July. 

The buildings here are a little understated and the Grant House was built in 1846. Most of the homes in this reserve were built for the officers who were based there and called Officer's Row. It remained the base for Army activities throughout the Civil War period. 

I took this pictures the day before the 4th and it was a beautiful sunny morning. I love the flags and the bunting. 

Every city has something unique to offer and the Historic Reserve is considered to be that special place in our region. 

The Reserve is  now part of the National Historic Register.

Some of the lovely houses that make up Officer's Row. This one is now used as a Community Foundation. 

I love the huge trees and the wraparound porches of these historical homes. 

This huge evergreen is next to the Grant House. 

I was hoping the officer's row houses would be decorated like the Grant house. They are lovely in their simplicity with the flag though. 

This gazebo is quite small for this space, but the trees look so lovely as a backdrop. 

The military barracks were across the field from the reserve. The U.S. Army established this post in 1849.

The trees can really get in the way of pictures, but I wanted to show the hilly area behind the barracks. 

I wanted to include a few photos of Mt. Hood before all the snow melts. I didn't have the best location for these so I had to do some photo editing. The mountain though came out perfect, although it was a bit hazy. 

We are fortunate to have these lovely mountain views. I especially like Hood because of its beautiful peak and of course it looks lovely with all the snow. I hope you enjoyed the tour and also hope you leave a comment to let me know you visited!

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  1. Hello from a fellow Pacific Northwesterner! Love your photos and history info!

  2. Very pretty area. The info was interesting as well! Thanks.

  3. What a pretty area!!
    Beautiful photos!!

  4. Breath-taking photos! I'd love to live in any one of those houses.


  5. Oh Diane - how absolutely beautiful - LOVE looking at photos of heritage homes.
    Came by because you're a new follower - and I'm SO happily following you back!
    Big hugs,

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous, Mt. Hood is always a spectacular sight! I've passed through Vancouver a few times, but need to stop and smell the roses next time.

  7. I love the romance of an older house. When we lived in BC there wasn't a place that wasn't surrounded by it so so much out there.


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