Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Giveaway Winner

I want to thank those of you who entered my blog anniversary giveaway. I really appreciated all the sweet comments. I wish I could send a gift to all of you, but a winner must be chosen. I decided to pick my winning entry using and the winner is:

Kathy @ Sharing Shadymont
Congratulations Kathy!

Please email me with your address info and I will send your cards and banner to you. 
Enjoy your gifts!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vintage corner

 I wanted to do some temporary decorating in an extra room, that will eventually become a small craft space for me. It's just a small corner and I already had the  round 60's chair that I needed to decorate around. I don't have anyplace else for it, so I decided to focus on a turquoise theme to help  pull it together.  Since I wanted to do this at minimal cost, I pulled together some things I already had and also created some papercraft projects.  

I have to admit that I rarely paint furniture. I love all the painted furniture I see everywhere, but I don't have any extra space to do any painting and I don't really enjoy it anyway. I knew I could tackle this small table and add some turquoise to set it off. 

 This is just a small end table that has seen better days. It was originally unpainted, so I did a base coat of gray craft paint then added the turquoise. No matter how small your project is, you should always do the prep work before painting. I was in a hurry and didn't sand the table very much and since it had a coarse grain, it could have turned out better. But this is just a practice piece anyway so I'm fairly happy with the result. 

I added some minwax stain to the top and I liked the contrast of it with the turquoise. I had a couple of baskets, clearance at Joann's, and decided to use those. I thought they had a vintage appeal to them. I don't consider myself to be a hoarder at all, but I do love my magazines and I tend to keep older issues because I like the articles. I added a turquoise frame with one of my decorated cards. 

Decorating the walls was rather challenging because I just didn't know where to start. With a limited budget and different styles of furniture, it turned out to be an eclectic mix of things. These pictures probably represent my decorating style the best in this room, because they are a mix of victorian and farmhouse.

I decided on a theme with the stamps I already had and put together a victorian style display. One of the craft stores had a great selection of scrapbook paper on sale, so I found some that looked vintage and added some lace as well.  

I really enjoyed putting this victorian lady project together. I should have stamped a few more designs on it, to set off the lady better, but I was short on time. I like the simplicity of it. My favorite phrase!  The french background paper is actually tan, not pink like it shows here. I really like the green brocade as well. 

The frames are just laser cut plywood, I'm not sure I like them that well to be honest. But I thought they would work for now. I painted them a soft white and added the vintage cards I made. I really love this feminine corset on the stand stamp. I thought it went well with my victorian lady silhouette. 

I love anything involving dress forms and wanted to add this dressmaker pattern stamp as well. I accented it in brown and cream lace. 

I added a cream throw to my chair to help tone down the turquoise and match the pictures above it better. 

I decided to use different versions of my lady in repose with my turquoise cards. 

I really like this turquoise scrapbook paper, because of all the stitching on the edges. It actually looks like fabric. There are so many choices with this reflective lady stamp. This is stamped in sepia.  

I don't want to waste my stamps and buy images or print graphics when I have so many stamp choices. I have a combination of older stamps, that still  look current, and newer styles. I love the look of the sepia with the turquoise. 

The scrollwork on this frame is similar to the laser frames and helps pull it together

I know this looks like a young romantic girl's decor. I don't think we ever lose that little girl inside us no matter how old we get.

The cream colored throw really softens the look of this room and makes it look light and airy. This room is rather small so I keep decor to a minimum. I'll share a full room reveal later.  I hope you enjoyed my little vintage corner.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog anniversary giveaway

My one year blog anniversary has finally arrived. I have to admit that some of my early posts were pretty cringe worthy, since I didn't really know what I was doing. But I continued partly because blogging is addictive, and I've enjoyed visiting and sharing my projects with all of you. I don't have a lot of posts under my blogging belt yet, but as I've learned how to create more appealing vignettes and sharing the beauty of our region, I'm finally getting there. It has been a journey, but a fulfilling one so far. 

I started making cards in the late 90's, and I think cardmaking was reaching its peak then. I stepped away from making cards and pursued other things, but the interest was always there so I started again when I began blogging. 

On to the giveaway. I've created two vintage cards and a bird themed banner. The cards have a common theme and use scrapbook paper for the front and stamped images. I love my lady in repose stamp so I used her and added my other images. These are 5X7 cards and would be lovely framed as well. 

I tend to keep my designs simple because I like a somewhat uncluttered style. I also  like a quick and simple craft that makes a statement. The birthday card has  green floral background paper attached to a plain white card, the lady image and postcard are in deep blue. 


The other one is an any occasion card with a  lavender floral paper background. The lady and floral image are stamped in a light green. In case you can't read the words they say~ When this you see remember me. 

 The back of each card is personalized with my name...

and the inside is blank except for the  vintage button stamp I added. Both cards come with envelopes. 

I make banners so often it seems that I'm getting banner burn out, but there are so many ways to decorate them that I wanted to create one for my giveaway. This banner has a bird theme and is done in sepia tones with some added pink on the background paper. It's on a jute string about 50 inches long and attached with mini clothespins. 

The lighting wasn't good when I took these pics, because the banner is a little more colorful than it shows here. The colors are muted and faded somewhat. I have it hanging on my pantry and I think it would look pretty against any small piece of furniture or in your craft room.  It might work for a small mantel as well.  

Simply put together, I layered some decorative music paper onto my brocade  background. I added my bird stamp images and some inspiring words. 

I haven't made a banner in sepia before so I'll probably make more similar to this one. I love the vintage look of it and hope you will enjoy it too. 

I've made it very simple to enter. 

Leave me a comment and let me know you are following me on GFC and Bloglovin' and I'll follow you back. Each follow will count as one entry.  You can also send me an email and let me know your are following as well.  I'm always looking for new followers, so I hope you will join in and enter. Current followers let me know you have entered as well.  I still use GFC to follow blogs, I never used the reader, because I follow along with my blog list on my dashboard. Of course GFC will be phased out at some time, so follow along on Bloglovin' as well so I can keep track of you!  I'll be adding new ways to follow sometime in the future. 

Entries will close on July 30th and I'll announce the winner on the 31st!   The giveaway has ended! Thanks for stopping by and entering! 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lavender fields

I couldn't let summer pass by without a visit to a lavender farm. I can't even remember the last time I had fresh lavender in the house, so  I visited a local farm to pick some fresh blooms. 

We have several lavender farms in our area, but Scented Acres was only a few miles away so I decided to visit this charming  little farm. If you want to read more about it you can check here. Since we live on the outskirts of town we aren't far from the rural areas and lavender is in full season here in SW Washington.

Even though it's located on a busy street it still maintains that country feel. I love the vintage wagon and sign welcoming you to the farm. 

There is just a one lane gravel road to reach the farm, luckily for me there weren't any other visitors at the time.  I like the contrast of the little purple wagon next to the barn.

 They were having a Lavender festival on Saturday and since parking spaces are in such short supply I'm glad I was there on Friday, because I had the place mostly to myself. They sell all kinds of lavender lotions and herbs inside. 

You never know what treasures await you in a place like this. Right inside the entrance was this vintage Maytag washer. I did some checking online and found out that this model is a 1935 gasoline powered Maytag. It's in great condition and what a charming piece!

In addition to the lavender they have all kinds of flowers and plants for sale. 

They have a cute cement block hopscotch as you enter the garden.

You never know what kind of rustic decor you will find.

A rusty dragonfly sculpture...

and a charming water wheel blending in with the pretty flowers. 

As I was making my way around the garden I heard some squawking in the back, and there were a bunch of chickens to greet me. They were quite sociable and had lovely colored feathers. I have to admit I know very little about chickens and when I asked the owner if these were roosters, she had  a good laugh when she told me they were hens.  What can I say I don't know my poultry!

The white one is definitely a hybrid hen of some sort. Look at the feathers on it's legs!

Right outside of the hen house were these lovely succulents and beautiful purple flowers. I don't know the name of the flowers, but I love the contrast of the purple and white. 

I had already been there almost an hour and still hadn't gathered my lavender. I cut a small bundle trying to avoid all the bumblebees and honeybees in the lavender field. The goats were in the pen but would not look my way so I could get some pictures. 

Since I hadn't gathered that much lavender, I decided to create a few simple vignettes with my mason jars. 

I added the small metal basket to hold a few of my artificial  flowers. 

I made a simple little banner to decorate my crate.

I made it using my cardstock and stamps. I don't have many alphabet stamps so I used my transfer letters. 

Our  little dining area has a farmhouse cottage style look with the crate and lavender. 

 I think lavender is so pretty just displayed simply, without decoration.

I  also love the smell of fresh lavender. It really enhances your home with its beauty and fragrance. Something so sweet and simple can create such lovely memories.  Even though we live in the city I always feel like we're in the country, because the rural way of life isn't far away. Thanks for stopping by!

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