Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oregon coast & sea lions

Early last fall we we took a road trip to the Oregon coast. We like to visit at least a couple of times a year, during the off season because the highway gets so congested in the summer. It takes a little over two hours to reach Depoe Bay and Newport and lucky for us it was a sunny day, although rather chilly since it was late September. We always seem to be on a budget lately, especially at vacation time so we really enjoy our trips along the coast when we can take them. 

Here are a few pics of the coast on Depoe Bay. It is quite small with a population of around 1400, but it has some beautiful rugged coastline and a vistors center, where if you're  lucky,  you might spot some whales during their annual migration. There are some rustic little shops along the highway as well for tourists.

This is actually a fine mist from the ocean that is spraying up over the sea wall .


Here's a map that shows the coastal region of Oregon.  We live north of Portland, just across the Columbia river in SW Washington.   We live in a great location because of our proximity to the coast in Oregon and we can easily visit the cities that we enjoy in Washington as well. Depoe Bay is about 10 miles north of Newport. The map on the left is linked to a great website called Travel Oregon. I'm not promoting tourism for the state of Oregon I just came across this website recently and wanted to share in case others are interested.  

More pics of Depoe Bay's rugged coastline. 

I love the crashing waves hitting the rocks. I always seemed to miss the bigger waves!

Depoe Bay has one of the smallest navigable harbors in  Oregon. The original bridge was completed in 1927. 

I wanted to share these pics of the power pole lines with the wires on the rugged coastline. I thought it was so interesting how they were embedded in the rocks and it makes a very picturesque looking image!

We moved on to Newport and stopped in Yaquina Bay State Park.  This is the Yaquina Bay lighthouse that was  originally built in 1871 and restored in the 1970's. I believe it was only used a few years until the Yaquina Head lighthouse was built. 

It is a charming building and tours are given during the summer months. 

We never seem to tire of visiting the Yaquina Bay Bridge. It has such charming arches and it was such a beautiful day to take pictures. 

These are the first pics that I have of the bridge with my digital camera, so of course I took several!

It is beautiful at sunset and I wish we had been there later in the day to take some pics!

We also visited the Historic Bayfront District to see the harbor and sea lions. 

I have to admit, to me the sea lions are not the most gorgeous creatures. Especially when they are molting. Their coats look quite bad now.  These are the males and they bellow so loud when they are awake it can be deafening! They look quite sweet when they are resting though, with their noses raised towards the sun. I guess they are trying to capture some warmth from the sun to make them sleepy. They also have an unpleasant smell so we didn't stay too long. It doesn't help that a fish processing plant is nearby and the smell is so bad I had to cross the street. It didn't seem to bother my hubby though I don't know how. Ugh!

I felt bad for them because their old dock is collapsing and needs to be replaced. I read that they are  building a new dock for the sea lions this summer. I really liked the pic of this one resting alone and it's shiny coat.

A visit to one of Newport's beaches. It was practically deserted since the temps were likely in the 50's. Still nice enough for a walk on the beach.

A little peek of the beach between the trees. We were able to visit several places on our vacation last year, so I'll be sharing more in the months ahead. 
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  1. What a beautiful area of the country! Thanks for sharing. ~Marlee

  2. Being a true blue Oregonian I love everything about Oregon...would never want to leave anywhere else! The Oregon coast being one of my favorite places. Only takes us about an hour to get there and we just don't go often enough. I was 80 degrees in Seaside not too long ago! But a stormy day sitting in a restaurant eating a hot bowl of clam chowder and watching the ocean is one of my favorite things to do! Enjoyed your photos.

  3. Beautiful and interesting photos!
    I've never been to Oregon - Your photos make me want to visit.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. The United States of America sure is a fascinating place. Thanks for the cyber tour. It was very interesting. I saw sea lions on Catalina Island but wasn't close enough to smell them. Ugh.
    JM Illinois

  5. I enjoyed all your photos, thank you for sharing them! There is something so magical about the water - how exciting it would be to see a whale! I agree sea lions aren't beautiful but I bet entertaining to watch. My kids would love to see them sunbathing!

  6. I loved the tour around, we have been to some of the locations and great shots, esp of the sea lions..have a great day! cheers.

  7. Amazing photos of the sea lions. So interesting. This is a beautiful part of the country. I also know how nice the weather is having visited my daughter when they lived in Washington state.

    Thank you for an interesting post.

  8. I love the beauty of the Oregon Coast and so appreciate all of your beautiful pictures. We stayed at Depoe Bay for a week a few years ago and your photos brought back many happy memories. We were on a tight budget ourselves that trip and had a limit on what we could spend. We quickly found some used books and had a great trip reading, beach combing and just being still (something it is so hard for us to do). Thank you for sharing and blessings to you, Patti

  9. Hi Diane,

    Wow! Thanks for the lovely tour of Oregon's coast. I am utterly enchanted with the red and white lighthouse - SO adorable! All your pics are perfect! Thanks for sharing.


  10. I'm so glad to find this post. I'm researching for our trip to Oregon. We are traveling from Kentucky to Depoe Bay, Oregon to vacation on the Oregon Coast for 7 days. This gives me some great ideas of places to visit. Any other tips you have are welcome!

  11. I haven't done the Oregon coast since I was 14 years old. I loved visiting my relatives in Cannon Beach and Rockaway.

    Thanks for evoking some great memories.


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