Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mason jars & memories

I hope everyone had a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend, full of special memories and a time for reflecting on the brave servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much for us. 

There are just certain things that appeal to me more than others, and I have to say these sweet little Mason jars and wood crates really top that list. It seems like the more we move into the future the more we want to embrace the past, and decorating your home with vintage finds certainly fits in this category.

I remember all those canning jars laid out on the kitchen counter of my grandparent's 
home and  filled with all sorts of farm fresh fruits and veggies ready for the root cellar. I've always loved these jars and after seeing them all over blog land for quite some time, I knew I needed to get busy and create a little display of my own. 

I love wood crates of all sizes, but I knew with my limited space that I needed something small that would hold a few quart  size jars. I found this small crate at a craft store and stained it with some minwax in chestnut. I love all the rustic crates and boxes that are out there, but being thrifty minded I got the look that I wanted for so much less. 

I don't have a garden yet, that's on my list along with so many other things, and since I was in a rush I went to the florist and found some stock flowers. I wanted lilac or lavender, but the stock was a nice replacement and I tried to fill in my jars with some baby's breath. Next time I'll have a few more flowers to fill in the jars a little better. I love the combination though. I added them to my table to get an idea of how I wanted to display them. 

I love the clear jars and I'm looking for a few more, maybe vintage light green, as well as the glass lids that come with some of the vintage jars as well. 

The pink stock looked like a lavender color at the florist when I first saw them. I love pink as well though.  I'll have to keep these in mind again because they have a spicy sweet scent that even my hubby liked. I also liked the ruffled  look of the petals. 

I'm just displaying it here to show how it looks. The sun just wouldn't stay out for me. The crate will probably go on my kitchen counter. It isn't that large, but it really fills up our tiny dining table!

Of course I had to put my jars on the windowsill and try and catch a few rays. 

I'll be using this little crate a lot and changing it with the seasons. Maybe I'm sharing too many pics of these jars here. How many times can you show flowers in your Mason jars I wonder? There is no limit with all the creative bloggers out there. 

If you have some Mason jars that are your favorites I hope you'll share your ideas. I just wanted to share a little sweet something that I enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farmhouse whites

There are times that I love the simple look of white, so I wanted to share my recent farmhouse finds. One of the nice things about having white in your home is that it is so easy to take pictures of. Just a little light a few quick touch ups with the photo editing and you're done. Well hopefully!

I have wanted a farmhouse pitcher for awhile now and I didn't want to spend a lot for a vintage enamel one right now, so I found these two porcelain ones at Ross's. I think I paid around 6 dollars for each of them and I thought that was a great price. They remind me of  vintage milk and cream pitchers and would look lovely on a farmhouse table. I also found this egg container. I saw one of these on another bloggers website and when I found it in white, I had to have it. I already had the chicken wire basket and I just added some white tea towels and set it on my kitchen counter. 

I also enjoy creating vignettes on the windowsill because of all the light and  interesting shadows. 

I love the shape of these little pitchers and  they create a sweet farmhouse display with the egg crate.

We went to an antique show earlier this year and I was looking for vintage kitchen accessories. I loved everything there, except the prices but I did manage to find a flour sifter that I really liked and some biscuit cutters. I love the green handles. 

I really liked the look of the nut meat chopper. I had never seen one before and thought it was a unique and inexpensive piece. I was told it still chops nuts perfectly fine, of course I'm not using it for that! I think it was made in the 1940's. I also found a white porcelain container, another biscuit cutter and tea bag leaves holder at the thrift store for a few dollars.      

I also love these wooden spindles. They were less than a dollar each at the antique show. They were plain when I bought them so I wrapped some cotton yarn around a few of them for interest. I also added some vintage white linens to this table to display my whites. 

I added the spindles to my larger pitcher. 

More thrift store finds and some fresh flowers for a romantic touch to the table. 

I also added a platter behind the pitcher for a different look. 

I love the warmth of wood with my white pieces. The table is a family heirloom that I always like to display. I also like my vignettes somewhat simple. I enjoy the overall feel of them more this way. 

Just a simple little vignette made more lovely with fresh cut flowers. I'm sharing with Country Farm Home & Old time Farmhouse for Country whites weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Touch of Blue

I love to decorate with blue this time of year so I wanted  to share a simple vignette I created with some of my recent finds. I found a small blue scalloped  bowl and plates to match at one of our local thrift stores. I have a small bookcase type stand that I'm using temporarily, so I added a  new kitchen towel with yellow and blue for a background. There are so many simple things that you can find around your home to add more interest to your pictures. 

I added yellow flowers to my simple silver pitcher and yellowish green apples to my bowl. I layered the plate with a silver tray and stand that I found while thrifting. I think blue and yellow is so pretty in the springtime.  

I still have a few of my wood Easter eggs left so I added them to the bowl. Who says you can't use Easter eggs after Easter? I liked them in the bowl but decided the apples gave more of a contrast. I love the delicate shades of the soft blues.

I'm still looking for something to hang on the wall in this corner of the room. I decided to add the basket that I tweaked a bit from a previous post.  I love all the sunshine flowing in the room, although the curtains cut off some of the light. There is a bit of a glare also, but I love the simplicity of it all. 

I thought the vignette had a vintage appeal so I added an old fashioned sepia tone to my pics. 

Another pic of my basket. I painted some  metal flowers yellow and purple to add to the graphic.

I think I might have had a little too much time on my hands today. I love the photo editing part of blogging and sometimes I spend too much time tweaking. I admit that along with the blue shades, I love the rustic and  romantic look of the sepia tones. It can make something simple look special.  Thanks for stopping by!     

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring on the island

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, so I wanted to show more flowers in bloom on our lake island here in SW Washington. This island is named after the Lions Club, who created it for one of their projects. I think it is an amazing place! There is a pathway along the entire length of the island and a pier for fishing.  Spring is the prettiest time on this island because the rhododendron bushes are in bloom showing all their lovely colors. They are a very common flower in our region. 

They come in  shades of pink, orange, yellow and white on the island. 
They are a lovely flower with a sweet fragrance.

It was a beautiful clear day when I took these photos. It's so pretty here the pictures kind of take themselves. I can even take nice pics with my little point and shoot camera.
 I love soft images. They remind me of a watercolor painting. 

This photo came out almost panoramic because of the surface of the water and the  trees. I love the old bridge in the background and the patch of coral rhodies. 

A lovely cherry blossom tree. 

I love the contrast of the smaller flowering tree with the twisting, bare branches of  the taller one. It creates such a mystical image. 

I wanted to include this totem pole. I'm not sure when it was placed on the island, but it was created by local artisans and has become somewhat faded over time.

Here's a closer view and the jet trail behind it only enhances this image.
I love the wings and all the beautiful detail.

A few closeups of the yellow rhodies. These were my favorite because they look somewhat like honeysuckle and smell just as sweet!

These pictures were taken this past weekend and we finally have some much needed sunshine. I hope you are having some lovely spring weather in your area and thanks for stopping by for the tour!     

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