Monday, April 29, 2013

Earth movers & Sunsets

 I wasn't sure if I wanted to write a post about this, but I thought why not, because this is our new reality for the time being. We moved to our current home about two years ago and one of the reasons we chose this home was the open view behind our house. I blogged about our pretty view last year. We loved the big open field without houses or fences to spoil our view. 

Our view has now been taken over by new home construction.

 These homes have all went up in the last six months. In the last month they have plowed up most of the field behind us. 

Of course we knew this was going to happen eventually and we have been preparing ourselves for the invasion. I think my hubby is a little better prepared than I am.

We once considered living here with this view our field of dreams.

Now it's become our field of screams! We have lovely plastic sheeting and spikes for  a fence. We decided on holding off on building a fence, but the time has definitely come.  And after all the lovely rain, we officially have a mud pit behind our home! 

At least we still have the trees as part of our view. 

We also discovered that our lot is a little smaller than we thought, but it is  such a small yard anyway it doesn't really matter. We'll still have room for a small garden and an area for the pets to run in. 

They've already added the sewers and water main. I have to say my hubby is enjoying watching them do the excavation work much more than me! By the way, there is the lovely fire hydrant!

This is my least favorite piece of construction equipment. They don't call them earth movers for nothing! He drives his bulldozer over and over the ground to move the dirt and level it out. It is quite annoying to us. We should challenge him to mud wrestle!  It's not his fault that they have to do all this work behind us, but it just feels like bad karma to us! Of course we have been assured that our home is solid and will not be affected by all this construction. I certainly hope this is true. I have promised myself I am not going to dwell on it, unless I get further annoyed that is! Thankfully he is almost done with his job and it appears they will be moving on to the utilities and installing the road.  

We used to have such a pretty view of the wetlands in the west. 

We've had so much rain that it has flooded this area that they plowed and turned it into a mini wetland too. 

This time of year the sun moves further northwest and we can actually enjoy the setting sun.

When night falls we can still enjoy our pretty sunsets and of course we know that in the grand scheme of things this is just a mere speck. I'm trying to keep things in perspective.

Since it's close to summer we're hoping that the construction will go smoothly and quickly. Well we can always dream can't we. 

  It is a big adjustment for us, but I know it will end eventually and in the meantime we have the beautiful sunsets to enjoy. If you have an annoying or amusing home story please share. I could use a good laugh. I'm just trying to keep it real in my little corner of the world. 

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  1. I feel sick reading your post. When we bought out house we knew there was a possibility of them building houses behind us, but so far that hasn't happened. Now that I'm used to the open space, I would probably throw up if they started construction. But on a happier note, that is a beautiful sunset!

  2. It did give me a sick feeling when they started. We knew it was likely to happen but that doesn't make it any easier. I am looking forward to having a fence and our privacy, as well as a small garden. Hopefully you will have your open space for a long time. Thanks for stopping by Pam!

  3. You are smart to emphasize the positive but it has to be very disappointing to lose that 'field' both for you and the animals living there ~ Wishing you the best each day ~ and enjoy the sunsets ^_^

  4. Aww how depressing to lose your field of dreams. I would be sad too.

  5. Agreed she has a very lovely garden.

  6. It was so beautiful! At least you have a great attitude about your wonderful sunsets :) Newest follower. You can find me decorating, baking and painting on HickoryTrail

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