Saturday, January 19, 2013

Embracing White

I was starting to wonder if I would ever get another post done for January. I've been busy decluttering and organizing while trying to decide what to do next. I also couldn't get blogger to play nice with IE so I switched to Chrome and so far it is going much better. I've read that a few other bloggers were having issues with blogger as well so hopefully switching my browser will solve the problem. 

I've always enjoyed decorating with color, but since I have been visiting the blogs and seeing  so much white that I love, I thought I would share a little bit of mine. I just made a few changes to our small bookcase and lightened it up a bit with a snowy style wreath that I made. I decided to add it to the top of the front shelf and use it as a frame.

I knitted a long  narrow scarf out of chenille yarn and wrapped it around a small wreath. I really liked the texture of this yarn after I knitted it. It came out very fluffy and  took on the appearance of snow and I also added pom poms.   I never thought I would make these  again, but I saw so many cute ideas on the blogs for them so I had to try them. 

Mine were super easy to make because I  used a square piece of cardboard that was the  size I wanted my pom pom to be, then I cut a slit  slightly more than halfway down the center  for the cord to tie it together. Place the cord in the bottom of the slit first before you wrap the yarn.  I also knitted the cord that I used to decorate the top of the bookcase and later added pom poms to it too. I haven't knitted for a few years and I always meant to get back to it,  so  I'm glad to have found a use for some of my knitting stash again. 

I took some of my pics in the evening so  I added some candlelight and created this display.

I enjoy tweaking  a bit with the photo editing software. You can create such lovely images.

We don't always  have the best light at the east end of the living room, so I lightened some of these pics  a bit to see what I could come up with. 

This is such a simple little basket, but I think it creates a pretty wintry scene with the pine cones and glitter.

This bookcase is quite dark so adding the snowy wreath and candle provides a nice contrast.

We haven't had any snow since the first of the month, so I thought I would add some to my  wintry theme. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Highlights

Happy New Year!

Since I have been blogging such a short time I wasn't sure if I would do a 2012 recap, but with so many blogs to inspire me I thought I would share mine too.
Sometimes I wonder if I am creating a decorating blog or sharing pretty scenery. I decided when I first started my blog I would share both, because there is so much beauty in our region. I will be adding a separate tab for my scenery photos and hopefully doing more projects in 2013.
We received some snow flurries the last day of December, I was hoping for more but these are so pretty with the evergreens in the background.  

We have an open field as a back yard so I was able to catch these flakes before they disappeared.

 One of my favorite projects were my book covers.  Thanks to other bloggers featuring them, I received the most visits on these. I made these in September and I enjoyed making them so much that I will be doing more of these and coming up with some different ideas to decorate them.

I also shared this historic library and rose garden.  We used to live in this small town and there are so many charming things to photograph here.
 A sample of some of the beautiful roses.
 Of course it wouldn't be fall without sharing more lovely pictures of the lake.
 We also visited the  Oregon coast in the fall and enjoyed its peaceful beauty.

I made a Thanksgiving banner.
 And created my Christmas mantel.

 I really enjoyed creating this banner for my mantel.  My angel stamp is one of my favorites.
I couldn't find a door basket in the craft stores, so I ended up making one from a basket I found while thrifting.
I made some vintage style candles and added them to my angel table. 
 I borrowed this idea from another blogger. Mine are somewhat different and have flameless candles. I like the old fashioned appeal of these so I will have them out awhile longer.  

I wanted to share the lovely Catholic Grotto we visited at Christmas again.

 And end with the beautiful Nativity.
Happy New Year again to my fellow bloggers. And thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!
I am joining