Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Tree

We put up our tree a littler later than some people. Usually it's up about a week before Christmas, since we leave it up till mid January we still have plenty of time to enjoy it. I finally finished decorating it and thought I would share it on this Christmas eve. 

We didn't have time to get a live tree so we're using our old standby tree with the rather sparse branches. Cedar trees were plentiful where I grew up in the Midwest, so we usually had those. My favorite memories of Christmas trees was the red cedar at my grandparent's with all their vintage ornaments. I always enjoy visiting the past for my Christmas decor ideas. 

I wanted to do a silver and white tree this year, with little touches of color, so I added some simple ornaments and a few vintage ones as well. I made a banner to fill in some of the open spaces and I like the old fashioned appeal of a banner. I stamped out snowflakes on some tags and pinned them to a strand of tinsel garland. 

I've had this filigree metal star for a few years, and even though it's a bit large for this tree, it looks perfect when we have a live one. The simpler the better. 
A closer look at my banner and clip on wood candles. 

A bit of turquoise blue to brighten things up. 

I also added just a little Christmas to the front door. This Christmasy winter basket has a variety of faux red and green Christmas branches. We've been having some overcast days, so when I brightened the  photos a bit, the door came out looking too orange. I've been leaning toward painting this door an antique looking red, so that is being added to my list!

 I love the cheerful color it adds to our front door. 

I made a simple little garland of snowflakes for the front of the basket.  

I wanted to add a bit of a personal note to my post today. Although, Christmas is a time for celebration for many of us, for others it can be a depressing time and a reminder that life hasn't been kind to those mired in poverty. I always think of them, especially the children, this time of year and donate through the Salvation Army or other charities. Donations  and volunteerism are needed not just at Christmas but all year through. 

We are very grateful to have our own home and all the things  that we need to have a comfortable, although a bit frugal at times, lifestyle. I look upon Christmas as a time to be thankful for our many blessings, not just for the material things we can buy.  It's also a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones, especially those we haven't seen throughout the year. 

I would have loved to have a light dusting  of snow this Christmas but none is in the forecast. I know many of you have gotten more than your share of ice and snow. 

On a lighter note I wanted to end with my favorite holiday cartoon  character, Miss Betty Boop and wish all of you a Merry Holiday Season! See you next year!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Glow of Christmas

I've finally finished my Christmas decor. I've been enjoying all the lovely Christmas decor in blog land so I knew I needed to get busy and finish mine. I usually do some simple touches in the living and dining area, but I spent too much time deciding what to do, so it took a bit longer. I knew I wanted to do a softer wintry theme for my mantel this year and reuse things I already had, so once I finished that the rest went more smoothly. 

The deer and trees are from last year's mantel. I painted all of them a frosty white and added glitter to the edges of the trees. It gives the mantel an entirely different look from the gold deer and green trees of last year. The tall jars are filled with ornaments and tied with soft green fabric ribbon. Also the faux greenery is from last year and I added some pine cones. 

I covered my burlap frame with some vintage looking musical notes paper and used it for a backdrop for my wreath. I like the soft touches of red in this paper. I was lucky to find this wreath at Joann's, since it was in a pile of Christmas things with a clearance price of 4 dollars! I love the sweet simplicity of the pine cones and frosty branches. 

I found these deer last year at Michael's. I added the silver glitter collars last year and painted the antlers silver as well.  I wanted a frosty silver theme on my mantel with touches of red and green. 

I filled one of my wire baskets with some mod podged ornaments I made with more musical notes paper. 

My little bookcase got a Christmas update with some items I've collected over the years and a few vintage things as well. I keep my decor fairly simple and also updated my family photo picture collage with some ribbon and snowflakes. 

These are pictures from my Dad's side of the family when he and his siblings were children.  I shared how I  put this together in a previous post. You can find it here.
Instead of replacing pictures on the walls for the holidays, I just add something to give it some Christmas appeal.  

I've had this sweet little tole painted caroler for quite a few years. I decided to  display things that I could find easily and add some whimsical appeal. 

A little snowmen globe from Dollar Tree. 

I love making Christmas trees so I added one to my little bears. 

A vintage snow globe of Santa. 

Simple red berry wreath added to an old candle. 

I keep my little bookcase decorated very simply for a little Christmas cheer

I wanted to decorate my antique table in a soft frosty white, so I collected some things from around the house to create this vignette.  I added a few musical note trees again and made some of yarn with snowflakes as well. Pine cones were added to my candle and I made room for my vintage caroling angel from last year. 

I had extra white yarn and just added some silver snowflakes to make the tree for my snowbird

I added another yarn tree to the top of this floral designed white stand. 

The purity of white, with a few pops of color, casts such a lovely glow at Christmastime. I'm adding some finishing touches to my tree so I'll be showing that in the next couple of days. Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas sneak peek

I'm way behind in my Christmas decorating this year. Since I don't  have my decorations unpacked yet, I decided to create a little vignette in my dining area with thrift store and Dollar tree finds. 

I found some cute polar bears at Dollar tree, so I created a whimsical display.  

A sweet little snow globe added to my glass jar. 

A cute set of  bears for my basket with some vintage ornaments and pine cones. I already had the candle and added a striped fabric ribbon. 

 I created a  Christmas banner with some quirky alphabet letter stamps I had.  Adding to the whimsical feel. 

I've always liked polar bears for a Christmas vignette. This one is so cute, waving it's little paw.  I haven't had much luck at Dollar tree lately, so I was glad to find these. Also, a thrift store vintage Christmas mug. 

Something sweet and simple with a few vintage ornaments as well. 

I  also repurposed my wall pocket and created a joy banner.

I put it together with some faux Christmas berries, banner with rick rack trim and fabric ribbon.  

Adding a little Joy to the season. 

I wanted to reuse my small chalkboard so I added some scrapbook paper and a Christmas printable. 
I love the old fashioned vintage look of this paper. I added some snowflakes I created to add to the winter theme. 
A closer view of  the old fashioned Santa and the silver embossed snowflakes. 
I love this image of the horses trudging through the snow.
I don't remember where I found this chalkboard printable, but it is one  of my favorite Christmas hymns. 

A closer look at my Christmas snow globe.  I always enjoy putting together a few simple things and adding a festive touch for very little. Just a little sneak peek of what I've been doing. More decorating on the way. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Banners and Gift tags

November just flew right on by me. My blogging break was a little longer than intended and now December has arrived and I don't have any Christmas decor to share yet. So I thought I would share some paper craft projects I'm working on. Paper craft items are a quick and easy way to spread some Christmas cheer, even if you don't feel the Christmas spirit yet. And I have to admit I'm not feeling it, but I will soon. 

The winter months are a great time to get cozy and find some spare time to work on indoor projects. I've mentioned before how I like a simple craft. All of us have demands on our time, and I admit I don't have the patience to do crafts that require a lot of it. I admire those that do however. Part of the reason is I don't have a craft space. My kitchen counter serves as my craft station for now and it is very inconvenient, to say the least and quite messy. Such is the life of a crafter.

I've been making  tags and banners for the holiday season.  One of my creations is this Joyeux Noel banner. I love the soft greens and reindeer print scrapbook paper. 

I'm making a few Christmas tags as well.  I've mentioned before that I've become rather a hoarder of scrapbook paper, so I wanted to put it to good use along with all my Christmas stamps. I found some french script paper in my stash and added some snowflake stamps to the front and created some gift tags. I didn't want to do anything too elaborate,  just simple little gift tags that reverse to the other side for the gift recipient. 

Continuing the paper tag theme.  On these I embossed a floral stamp with silver on a recycled brown gift tag and layered it over my french script paper. I used the cream colored ribbon I had on hand and added some silver snowflakes and stars. 

Since I mentioned a lack of craft space, here's a peek at my craft clutter on my kitchen counter. This is temporary, and  hopefully I'll be showing my small kitchen before Christmas, so I will have this all tidied up and I'll move my craft projects to a small room upstairs.  

 I also wanted to share that I've finally decided to open an Etsy shop.  I know how tough it can be to have a successful shop, or even to sell things at all, so my expectations aren't that high. Many of us are looking for ways to monetize our blogs, so I thought why not try it and with Christmas coming up it gave me the motivation I needed to just do it. 

 I also thought about waiting till I have more followers, but at this rate it will take far too long. So even though I'm a few weeks behind from where I planned to be, now is the time! I also plan on signing up on more social media sites and since I'm starting out with paper craft items I will offer free shipping.  

This is  one of my favorite banners I've made so far. It is made with double sided scrapbook paper of chevrons and snowflakes. The reverse side has polka dots for those who like a touch of whimsy, or just like polka dots!

The quality of this picture isn't the best, but I have stamped and  embossed the letters of NOEL on each piece in silver,  and added some vintage looking christmas stickers. The letters show up very well in person. 
The reflection from the overhead light has washed out these letters a bit. I really like the combination of chevrons with snowflakes. 

A few more pics of my tags. These tags have more of a rustic winter theme. 

I attached the ties on the cord just to give you an idea of how they might look hanging. Just different ideas on how to display them. 

I couldn't  find a good sunny day to take pics, so I just gave up. More double sided scrapbook paper with chipboard letters. One side is tiny stars and the other says merry christmas. I have decorated both sides. 

I love these little vintage looking stickers.

This side with the contrasting trim and stickers reminds me of a christmas present. 

I'll wrap this up with  some more pics of my Joyeux Noel banner. I stamped the reverse side with a green floral stamp and added chipboard letters again to the front. I really like the combination of colors. 

It's so nice to be back in my blogging groove again. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Christmas decor. Thanks for stopping by!

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