Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving banner and bookcase

 I love decorating with banners. I know that banners have been popular in blogland for some time now, but as a new blogger they are still new to me and I am enjoying making my own. I don't really have much in the way of thanksgiving decor, so I wanted to create something simple to signify the season. I also have an old bookcase that needed some attention, so I created a mini Thanksgiving display with banners and dishes.

I cut out some duck canvas in triangles and added my leaf and frenchy style letters stamps  to spell out my greeting. The style of the stamps adds a vintage look to the banner.

This bookcase is only 36 inches wide with three shelves, so I made the banners rather small and hung them at the top and bottom. Since this bookcase is so dark I used some small  white dishes to add some contrast. I'm really lovin' white dishes with the darker wood. I have an ironstone platter on the second shelf and the rest are white dishes from Ross's. Our living room isn't very large so this small bookcase fits in well here. I'm looking for a farmhouse mirror and decor to put above this bookcase. I also muted the colors somewhat because I like the farmhouse feel from this vignette.

I have a couple of frankoma pottery pieces that I added to the bottom shelf along with a french basket. I like to decorate in a somewhat  minimalist style with things that I enjoy.

 I'll really miss decorating for fall.  It's such a pretty season and you can make a statement with the simplest of things.
These are just some little turkey shakers. I thought they were kind of pretty and the price
was right.  I've also used this pier1 plate with the beautiful fall detail that I found in a thift store quite often.
I love the warm colors of fall and  I always want to approach Thanksgiving with a feeling of gratitude for family and friends, and an appreciation for all the special moments that bring us joy. Thanks so much  for stopping by.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall at the lake and a remembrance

Fall came a little later this year in the Pacific Northwest. The fall colors were a little more subdued this year, but no less beautiful. We visited a lovely lake in SW Washington about 40 miles away from us  called Lake Sacajawea, and of course it was overcast that day with light rain, but I still managed to get some nice pictures.  This lake is about 3 miles long with a walking trail all the way around. Since it was raining we stopped at the part of the lake that was close to our church and took these pics. The fall colors really stand out with the overcast skies and although the pics are rather dark, I wanted to show the variety of trees that are in the area.
Many of the trees by the lake have a golden yellow color and they grow to be quite large
Another lovely view with a dock and the tower of a church in the background.
There are always pretty grasses that grow along the waters edge.

The trees are so huge and many of them surround the entire area of the lake.
I love the multiple trunks of this tree and the huge maple across the street
These purple ferns are lovely as well.
 Another view facing the northern part of the lake.  This is only a small portion of the lake and I'll be sharing more pics of it and the scenery of the Pacific Northwest in later posts.
We also visited the coast in late September and I wanted to share a few images of the beach.
The wild grasses....
 and the quiet beauty of our beaches on the west coast, serve as a reminder that we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature and can't take anything for granted. We know how lucky we are and continue to send our thoughts and prayers to those on the east coast who are facing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
And also a remembrance to  our soldiers everywhere past and present on this Veterans Day,  for putting themselves in harms way every day. Our service men and women will never be  forgotten like driftwood on the shore, because we know the sacrifices you have made and we will always be here for you.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin and rooster mantel

I decided to create some paper pumpkins and add them to the new rooster I bought and create a new mantel. This is my one and only rooster so I thought I would go with a rustic look for my mantel and use an eclectic mix of items that I found recently. I didn't have time to put a new wreath together, so my late summer one will have to do for now!

I created these with strips of cardstock, stamped leaves, burlap and jute covered stems. There are so many directions you can go with paper pumpkins and since I have quite a collection of papers I used those. These are so easy to make, depending on the method you use. I simply glued the strips together from the bottom in a circular pattern  and the same on the top. The strips overlap quite a bit on the top but any decoration will cover that.  

I  rolled up paper for the stems and covered them with jute and burlap. I had some leaf
stamps which I used to make the leaves and I added yarn for a bow. Since I have been crafting for several years, I have many of these things on hand already.
  I made some tiny little pumpkins to sit on top of my candleholders. My pumpkins come in all colors!

You can't have a rooster without adding some wheat to the mix. I enjoy the organic look of something natural. I also like the softer colors of this rooster that I found at Ross's. I never liked roosters for decorating until I discovered all the pretty roos on the blogs.
 I had some fall stickers so I added those to make some fallish cards.

The large orange pumpkin is probably my favorite because it has the best shape.  
 I should have gotten a closer shot of the leaf detail on this. I added four stamped leaves and a  jute covered stem with some fall colored yarn.
When hubs saw this mantel he called it pumpkin overload, but you work with what you have and as long as you enjoy the process it all works out. Thanks for stopping by!
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