Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn banner & mantel

 I  have had an interest in making a banner for some time now, but until I saw all the creativity on blogland I didn't really know how to start. We don't have a traditional mantel over our fireplace. We have a big box shaped open space that is hard to decorate. I also don't have that much fall decor right now because some things are packed away in boxes, so I used what I had and created a mix of things.  I knew that the decor I had  would be a little too  small for this space, so I wanted to add a banner for the fall season.

I used some  rust and gold colored cardstock that I already had, as well as a leaf stamp and a stencil.

It was a really easy project for me since I enjoy papercrafts so much. I wanted to contrast the two colors together so I cut long rectangles out of each and added a v shape to both of them at the bottom.
I added the letters with a stencil and used an oak leaf  stamp for an accent.
I then glued  the letters to the jute cord  and hung them on the mantel. I attached the jute cord  to the mantel first and then added the letters to it. I wanted it to be evenly spaced so it would fill up the width of the mantel. Because I had so many things already to make the banner it was almost no cost to me. 
 I added a metal basket and filled it with autumn colors and also added a fall plate.  
I decorated a small box with a leaf stencil and added some  glittery pears and pumpkins.  I also have a little jar of cherries. I love the burgundy color, although it doesn't show well in this picture. I wanted the colors to tie in with the flowers.

I added some little pumpkins to the candle stands and  some shabby burlap bows.  I also added the decorative book covers I made in a previous post.
Just a little hodgepodge of things to fill up the mantel.  I'm still lovin' my summer wreath but I will change it later.
Most of these pics came out darker than I wanted because we have so little natural light on the west side of our living area. Most of our windows are on the east side. I'll show some pics of our entire fireplace later. We have had a nice sunny summer here, definitely not typical for the Pacific NW!
 I love playing with the photo editing software. I wanted to show the colors of autumn so I decided to add a picture collage. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Vignette

I can see why so many of you are more than ready to show off your fall decor. It is such a beautiful season for decorating.  I love all the colors of fall, especially the deep rusts, reds and purple shades. This is my first fall blogging so I am ready to join in and add some fall touches. I decided to share my simple fall vignette today. I have an accent table that is a special family heirloom and I added a floral arrangement, basket, plates and a tray I decorated.  This table belonged to my grandparents and isn't really my style, but since it is special to me, I decided to use an eclectic mix of decor to give it a vintage look.  

I don't have a lot of pictures on our living room walls yet, so I decided to decorate a tray as a backdrop for my fall table. I painted it a purple shade and added a fleur de lis stencil design.

I used a cream colored fall plate and a combination of silk flowers and plants. I added a metal pitcher because I thought it added a rustic feel and I like its tall narrow shape.

I decided to replace the autumn plate with some vintage floral ones for a different look.  I don't think the color or design  of the plate holders go that well with the floral design of the plates, so that is something I will change.  They remind me of bat wings so I might paint them black and use them for halloween decor!

A nice closeup of the fall plate and tray. There is an unusual  fleur de lis design in the plate holder as well.

This pic shows the colors of the flowers quite nicely. I added some pumpkins and wood fruit that I already had to the basket.

Since I think this vignette has an old fashioned victorian appeal, I decided to end with a vintage sepia picture with my floral plates.  I hope you'll stop by again for more fall decor!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decorated book boxes

I haven't had time to get some of my fall displays ready so I decided to show these decorated book boxes. Even though this was an easy project, I think it makes a unique decorating accent to go with fall decor.
This isn't a tutorial but I wanted to show how I started the project. I used some decorative papers that looked vintage and I thought they would work well  for my book covers. 

I knew I wanted to decorate them as books so I decided on a theme I wanted for each book and decorated them that way. I only decorated the front and back of each box. This went fairly easily and I used mod podge to glue on the paper.
I decided to just put decorative paper on the spine of the book to make it easier. I knew I wanted the front of the books to be the focal point.
I decided to feature female authors from the 1800's. I chose Emily Dickinson for her poetry and Jane Austen for her novel Pride and Prejudice. I really appreciate poems much more than I used to and Emily wrote so many lovely ones. I've also become interested in historical novels, so I have a lot of reading to do!
I found a stamp with a vintage style frame and added the title and some flower embellishments. I like the way the paper on the book connects with the author.
I softened this one quite a bit. The pearl accents were a little too strong. I found a frame from the Graphics Fairy and added it to the book.  I wanted something a little flashier for the novel  so there would be a contrast between the two. I like the simplicity of the poems book the best though.
I added this fall  themed plate and the pitcher with the fall roses to the mantel. I took most of these pictures at night. I think the shadows add somewhat of  a dreamy look to the pics.
The  roses in the urn were on clearance at Michaels. I love their sweet simplicity. There are so many great deals on fall decor you just never know what you'll find. Thanks for stopping by.  Onward to fall decorating!
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last roses of summer

I want to share some lovely pics of roses with you today. We visited a small town in SW Washington a week  ago  and stopped by their historical library where the rose garden is. We found some late blooming roses that were so beautiful that I just had to share them. Longview has some lovely old buildings and a park created around a lake that is very picturesque.  Since the end of summer is near I wanted to share the roses first and the lovely park will be for another post.

Here is a small collage of the variety of roses that are in the garden.  The one in the center really stood out with its lovely cream and pink tinged petals.

Here are some pics of the historical library. It was built in the late 1920's or early 1930's. It is still used as a local library. 
It has some lovely architectural details  from that era.
I'm not sure when the rose garden was planted but it is filled with roses and hybrids that  bloom at different times in the summer months.  These roses were blooming in mid June.

A collage of roses and hybrids including dogwoods from last week.
It was a little windy that day so my hubby held the flowers still for me so I could get better pictures. I love the little buds that are just starting to bloom.
More closeups of my favorite flowers in the garden. These roses were just exquisite. They smelled wonderful as well. We were almost speechless when we saw these. My hubby loved them as much as I did.
I softened the image of this one because it was a little windy and it blurred the image a bit. The soft pink is so pretty.
Most of the roses that were in bloom last week were different shades of pink.
Really loving this fuchsia one!
It was an overcast day but the images still came out well in spite of it.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the rose garden. There's nothing quite like roses any time of the year.
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