Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas tree festival and metal sculptures

I thought I would be knee deep in Christmas decor by now, but I had some minor back pain that changed my plans. I'm finally on the mend now, so I'll be sharing some home decor soon, but in the meantime here are some photos from our recent visit to our annual  festival of trees event that is held every year at the Hilton downtown. 

It's been much larger in the past, not as many trees for some reason, but the ones on display were quite pretty. It was rather dark inside so I did the best I could with these pics.  They also had a nice Farmer's holiday market which we really enjoyed since the tree festival was smaller than usual. 

I'm really loving tabletop trees this year and this pretty flocked tree was my favorite. 

I wanted to share this photo of the skiing moose. Quite a character.  All of the trees had a theme and were being raffled off at the end of the festival. 

They had a talking tree for the kids and I enjoyed watching this little girl all animated talking to the tree. Of course her older brother was looking bored. 

This tree had a tropical theme. Love the soft pastel colors and decorations. 

 All you would need is a pitcher of margaritas and you'd be all set. 

This blue spidery tree decoration was quite unique looking. You could have a lot of fun during the holidays decorating your tree in a non traditional way for a change. 

This tree was so pretty in person, but I just couldn't get a good photo of the whole tree. 

 Closer pics reveal the detail of the pretty vintage ornaments. 

The decor left a lot to be desired in the holiday market conference room  at the hotel. I'm not sure what decorating theme they were using in here, but it looked like something  from the 60's Star Trek series. Maybe they were going for a retro theme in here, but it didn't work for me at all. The funky looking ceiling lights and gaudy carpeting took some time to get adjusted to. 

The carpeting looks right at home with these quirky metal sculptures made of tools. 

 Love this crabby looking bird and its wild spiral hair. 

The artists are so creative putting these sculptures together with different metal parts and tools.  This dog is so cute with the wrench in its mouth.  

Love the handle for the tail and the creepy spider. 

 This glam looking bird is so unique and love the hoops. I think I would want something a little friendlier looking in my garden though. With a face like that she might scare the  little birds! 

Another peculiar looking sculpture that reminds me of the cootie bug game that my older brother played with as a child. It matches perfectly with the carpeting. 

I always thought it was a rather creepy looking bug, but fun to put the pieces together. 
I really liked this dog toaster, but after seeing this picture the imposing  looking penguin is pretty cute too. 

A little reindeer is perfect for Christmas. 

My favorite though is this Petunia pig planter. She would look perfect in a garden or outdoor space with overflowing plants or flowers. From her snout to her curly tail she is one cute pig. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall tour and collectibles revisited

I was planning on posting some recent fall photos, but our fall hasn't been as colorful as years past. Also, strong winds came up and blew off what remaining leaves there were, so I decided to share some previous posts of fall. We had gorgeous colors last year and I shared these pics taken last year of the trees surrounding the historic RA Long high school in Longview, WA. You can visit my Fall walking tour post here.

The beautiful clock tower.

We had some of the most beautiful fall colors I've ever seen in the Pacific NW last year. 

I love this row of trees and all the fallen leaves.

I wanted to share this maple tree again and its massive twisted trunk. 

The lake isn't as pretty this time of year, due to water run off, but the trees that surround it are beautiful with their fall colors. 

These pics were taken in early fall of the entrance to the Japanese garden. 

The lovely bridge that crosses the lake into the garden. 

I also wanted to share some pics of my favorite fall collectibles at the General Store in Troutdale, OR. You can see the whole tour here. We visited in September, so they only had a few Thanksgiving displays out.  Cute little figurines and pretty platter. 

I should have bought a few things off this table, big mistake. I loved all the leaf dishes, birds and that adorable garden elf. I just didn't have a place to put them at the time so I passed them by. These pics are from our 2012 visit, but if I see fall collectibles that I love as much as these again I'll go ahead and buy them, lesson learned. 

The owls were really cute and I loved the little produce girl too. 

I wanted to include these pumpkin and squash heads again. Love their comical faces. 

There's something so cute and whimsical about frogs, no matter the season. 

Just some random pics of fall around the house. I wanted to share a simple  little fall plate in my antique chest. I shared most of my fall decor in a previous post. 

I like to show calendar pics once in awhile as long as the pictures are as pretty as this fall one. 

This photo taken in Jackson County, OR really sums up the beauty of fall to me. Thanks for stopping by. 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Soft colors of Fall

I've been admiring all the fall decor on blog land, so I wanted to join in with my some of my fall decor.  I always seem to write about the beauty of simplicity, but the reason is that is my style. I don't do a lot of decorating, just a few vignettes are all I need.  I just want to get the feeling of the season and by creating little displays around my living and dining area I am able to accomplish that. 

I found this little Burpee's metal tray at my local thrift store for a few dollars.This is a reproduction of an 1898 metal tray and it reminded me of fall with all the warm gold and brown tones. I love jars of buttons and I keep them out year round, so I added some fall colored buttons to my jar. I already had my vintage green ribbed bowl and I found the little ceramic pear and apple/pumpkin at Michaels on sale. 

I found a small bushel basket that I bought last year, adding a pumpkin and a faux bittersweet bow for an accent. It's fun to see what you can put together using what you already have. Since we've had a lot of overcast skies lately, I added my decor to my kitchen counter by the window to bring in a bit more light. 

I really like the farmhouse theme reflected in this tray. 

Another simple look adding plates with a soft floral design and gold edging to my canning rack, they always remind me of farmhouse style. 

Vintage aprons have always been a favorite of mine, so I found another one that I added to my spool rack. I found this floral one with all the deep blues, golds and plum colors while thrifting of course,  and I liked the fact that it was reversible too. Also, the apron shares some of the same colors that are in my cottage garden picture.  I'll post  more about this apron another time when I have a sunny day to take some pics. 

My mantel can be very frustrating to decorate since it is an open shadow box and the mantel has a very small ledge. Since I have to decorate inside of it, there are always shadows when I take my photos. It's located on the west side of our living room and gets little light. My camera has some limitations, even doing photo editing, so I do the best I can with this space.

 Our living area is small and I think you have to consider the scale of how things look in your photos, compared to how they look in person. I like somewhat minimalist decor and an understated look is best for this space.  I decided to do soft fall colors to reflect off the white space of the open area. 

I don't like spending a lot for seasonal decor, since it's used such a short time and I am thrifty by nature, so I used my gray candlesticks and moved my little ceramic apple and pear over to help decorate my mantel. I added faux leaves to my wreath and since my bird statue reminds me of fall I added it to my pedestal. 

I didn't have any mini pumpkins that I liked to add to my candleholders, so the ceramic pear worked well with its golden color. I thought the ridged design really makes it stand out. I wanted to do something with my little gold picture frame and I added a mini wreath to it. I try and use what I already have and then shop for a few extra things if needed. 

The shaft of wheat made a nice addition with its golden color and texture. 

 The pics came out a little darker than I wanted, but I was able to create a  display of soft fall colors and white accents that really reflects my preference for a simpler style of decorating. 

The beautiful colors of Fall appeal to me more than any other season. I'll be sharing more in upcoming posts.