Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Springtime and Roseville

I've had a thing for Roseville pottery lately. I've always loved it but never collected it, hard to believe now since it appeals to me so much.  I am slowly building my collection  with a couple of pieces that are totally unrelated in color and style, but I love them both the same. Two pieces do not make a collection, but it is a start and I'll be adding more over time. I don't know how popular it is right now, but I do know there are deals to be found if you can find it in the shops. There are fake pieces being sold, but they are not very good quality and the markings on the bottom can appear fake as well. If you do decide to collect it you just need to do a little research. 

 I'm not that knowledgeable about Roseville other than what info I've found online. The Roseville Pottery Company began in Roseville and Zanesville, Ohio around 1890 and operated until 1954. If you're interested in finding out more I like the Just Art Pottery site, which goes into detail about Roseville and other types of pottery.  

I found this little candle holder in the Primrose pattern  for under 10 dollars partly  because it is chipped around the rim, although it is hardly noticeable. That's what is great about this pottery, the value goes down because of a chip or noticeable wear of the design, but yet the beauty remains. 

I made it the center of my table for my spring display and added a tray I painted for a backdrop. Just a simple little tray painted white with some frenchy style stickers. 

I like to repurpose everything so I added the stickers with little glue dots that are removeable. 

They have so many styles of Roseville pottery, and I almost overlooked this little candle holder because I thought the pattern was rather plain. But now I love its simple style and the art deco style handles. I'm going to start a collection of the candle holders since they  can be more affordable than other pieces. You can always find a use for a single candle holder like this even if it doesn't come in a pair. Make it the center of a small table or place it on a pile of books, to me they are mini works of art. 

I added a gray basket I found at a thrift store for a few dollars. I enjoy the soft contrast of colors for spring. 

My other piece of Roseville is totally different. I thought of it as my consolation prize because I had planned to buy a candle holder in green that I admired in a shop I had visited before, but she gave me a higher price than I was expecting. I thought we had agreed on a price from my earlier visit but that wasn't the case, so I was quite disappointed. I've learned a valuable lesson if you see something in a antique store that is offered to you at a considerable discount and you love it, buy it. It might not be available at that price the next time. She said it wasn't her piece to offer that discount on, I think she honestly forgot what she told me before, but that didn't make it any easier. 

 I was in a bit of huff when I left her shop and I wanted another piece of Roseville, I felt like I'd been cheated in a way and haven't seen another candle holder like it online. I think it is rather rare. Anyway, I'm over it and I found a cute little pottery bowl in the Poppy pattern at another shop. 

I thought the price of 25 dollars was reasonable and I loved the pattern. It is fairly worn, with quite a bit of crazing, but I love the faded watercolor look of the flowers and leaves. Pretty shades of peach, green and yellow. 

I added a spring type candle cover from a thrift shop and perched my little birdie on top. I really love springs with birds and nests nestled on the top, but the ones I saw were too big so I used the candle spring instead. So Spring has definitely  sprung around here! 

This is kind of an unusual mix of things on my bookcase but it is so narrow on top I can't layer my pieces. I just added the bowl and birdie to what I already had. I darkened the colors a bit for more of a contrast from the light colored walls.

I softened this pic a bit. The box belonged to my grandfather and is quite old. The pitcher is another of my thrift store finds. 

   One of many things I like about Roseville pottery is the design is slightly different  on both sides. So if it is slightly imperfect on one side you can display it on the other. 

I decided to add my bowl to the top of my pantry in the entryway. Even though I don't have that much display space, I'm looking forward to collecting more of this beautiful pottery. Thanks for visiting!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

A visit into the past

I love older houses. They have charm and character already built in, and adding vintage furnishings and precious heirlooms only add to their appeal. I visited a dear friend recently and she allowed me to take some pictures of her 1930's style cottage to share with you. 

Just to the right of the entry way is her living area. She thought I might like to tidy up a bit, but I love a lived in look so I kept things as they were. I would have liked a better camera for these shots though. I love the stone on her fireplace with its sparkly finish. I don't know what kind of stone it was, but it was beautiful. 

Lovely painting  with gold leaf frame. She's taken very good care of her antiques and had a story to share about each one. I wish I would have written down what she shared with me. Love the red lamp shade. 

This is either a print or a tapestry, I'll have to check back with her on that because I love the western theme.  It's hard to see the detail in this pic, but it is amazing and it has an interesting  story to go with it. 

This antique clock was likely manufactured in the early 1900's by the Sessions Clock Co. Notice the key under the clock that was used to change the time. Lovely gold filigree on the face of this mantel clock. It works perfectly too. 

Original casing on these windows, so lovely varnished and windows with frosted glass. The red lamp shade casts such a pretty glow in this corner. 

She's had this vintage table cart for many years. It now serves as her TV stand.

The living area flows into the dining room. The kitchen is through the door on the left. I love houses with built in hutches in each corner. Very pretty mirror with delicate flowers painted on  porcelain plates. 

I don't normally like round mirrors,  but I think this  arrangement looks perfect on these white walls. 

This room will definitely take you back in time. Vintage chandy and lovely glass on the back door. 

A closer look at the lovely circular pattern on the glass. She left the hutches in their original varnished wood, so pretty. 

A beautiful Victrola cabinet. The dining area is small, but so charming with the large picture window. 

A closer look at her flowers. The peach ones are called quince and love her corded phone in the pic. 

Her guest room is completely different from the rest of her house. Decorated in an oriental theme, it is her favorite room. 

I love the idea of having something totally different and unexpected in your home. Her bedroom furniture works well in here. Love the dark wood.  The oriental theme is very calming and she does her computer work in here as well. 

I love the pop of red on that pretty shade and lamp base. 

Her gorgeous Japanese geisha, such beautiful detail. Love the mini screened Asian  print as well.  

I wasn't able to get a good pic of both the twin beds, but wanted to share the outdoor view from her front window. She has the prettiest yard, front and back.  That will likely be another post.  

I love this blue and white oriental urn and the simplicity of the Asian print brings a meditative feel to this room. 

Beautiful finish on this mahogany dresser. 

The last room reminds me of my grandparent's home and their piano.  I've always loved pianos and she has a small room with only her piano and a few other things. I miss all these great windows in newer homes. We have to recreate this feeling with our decor, it seems when you don't have an older home.

 The piano is such a beautiful wood, so I wanted to share a pic with the keyboard closed. This old fashioned room reminds me of a church chapel with the piano as the main focus. 

She shared that this was a piano that played by itself, not a traditional player piano but something similar and used small spools. I found it interesting so I'll do more research on it. It was made by the Wm Knabe Piano Co., which was a prestigious piano maker known for excellent craftsmanship. Knabe immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1800's  and began crafting pianos in Baltimore MD. If you're interested in finding out more about the Knabe Piano Co. visit here.  

Her flowering bushes are just starting to bloom and I'll share more pics of her outdoor area later this spring. I just love cozy little cottages, so I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lovin' Green

Even though I haven't created anything special for St. Paddy's day this year, I wanted to share my love of green and show a few images of my simple decor style.  I'm attracted to the color green for a variety of reasons.  It's versatility appeals to me and I seem to have more green in our home than any other color. 

Since I consider myself to be a bit of a minimalist when it comes to decorating, I tend to focus on earthy tones and add other colors as an accent, depending on the season. I find green to be a tranquil, soothing color, much like blue, and it adds a farmhouse appeal during the spring and summer months. I enjoy bringing the colors of the outdoors in this time of year. 

Though our entryway is rather bare at the moment, I do have my farmhouse pantry and as Spring approaches I've decorated it with a touch of green decor. 

Last year I shared my St. Paddy's day wall basket. 

The pantry door was the perfect place to hang it for display. You can visit here for last year's post. 

Earlier this year I created this windowpane style wall hanging with my green scrapbook paper and stamps. I'm sharing it again since this post reflects my love of green. 

The combination of birds and poetry on the simple wall hanging give a zen like simplicity to this uncluttered space. 

The picture quality is poor, but I wanted to share my farmhouse picture again that I've had for quite a few years. The picture along with the green border really appeal to me. This corner of the living room is rather bare, so I added a little basket and a garden angel by the table. 

I like to place things on the floor in the corners of my LR because I don't always like to commit to hanging something on the wall, so this kind of fills it in a bit. It's simple but I like it.  

And speaking of simple, I can't seem to part with my wall clock. I think I've had it for almost 20 years. I know another clock  would look much better, but I don't have another place for this one and I'm not ready to give it up yet. 

It reminds me of an old schoolhouse clock and my grandparent's had one that was  similar in their farmhouse. It does look small on this wall though. I've added more wall decor since I took these pics. 

I've posted about my little green scale before and I've added it again to my shelf in the dining area. I've been loving vintage key rings lately, so I added some replicas from a craft store.   

A little green to brighten the dining area. 

I'm making some changes to the picture hanging above the shelf that I'll share later. 

Most people wouldn't think of wall calendars as art for their walls, but I do. At least temporary art until you decide what you want to hang there long term.  I love these mini calendars for small spaces since they come in such a variety of styles and beautiful photography. I have a  simplicity theme, of course, in my bathroom with a lovely quote from Ms. Dickinson.  

The guest room has a lovely landscape themed calendar..... 

and I couldn't resist sharing this dog illustrated calendar with the sweet lab. 

This beautifully illustrated calendar is one of my favorites, especially since we are such animal lovers. I have one more thing to share.

This lovely young lady with the green gown. They were celebrating a Hispanic festival and this picture was taken at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. To view more about Multnomah  and the beautiful scenery check out my previous post here.  Thanks for viewing my love of green!

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